Interview with Zekent: "The scariest part about blitz is him just having the hook up, even if he is not doing anything with it."



Mon 4th Jun 2012 - 6:13pm

I got the chance to talk to Zekent, a high elo support player currently on the team 4Not.Fire. Zekent, also known as Spamhappy, has also reached 2300+ elo with a Poppy only account and has reached similar heights with a Kayle only account. In this interview we talk about his current team, the support meta, his Poppy account and of course his lovely green hat. So here is the transcript of the interview, Enjoy!

So I'm here with George "Zekent" Liu currently the support player for team 4not fire, how are you doing man?

Zekent: Doing pretty good, how about you?

I'm doing pretty good, so how did you start playing League of Legends?

Zekent: Most of my friends were playing League, I was playing HoN competitively and most of my friends were playing LoL and I wanted to play with them so here I am playing LoL.

So you already had a bit of experience before hand?

Zekent: Oh yeah, definitely so I played DotA when I was in high school and I started playing HoN in college and then I started playing LoL in college also. Good times were had.

You have an account that is really high elo with just Poppy, why did you pick Poppy?

Zekent: I started playing Poppy because people just underestimated her and first of all no one picked her which is great because that ment I could always get her. People just underestimated her; when I first started playing League of Legends my friends would tell me Poppy is horrible. I tried her a few times and I realised she is not as bad as people say she is. As long as you can get past that early game hump she becomes really powerful and she can destroy the other team by herself, which is awesome.

I tried her for a while and I picked her up for a while then dropped her and at the start of  Season 2, I picked her up again and I just kept winning and winning so I taught well this really works.


So, what happens if someone bans her?

Zekent: I just queue dodge, 10 elo is not too bad I guess. Although it does add up.

You also have an account where you only play Kayle, why Kayle?

Zekent: I figured I'd give another champion a go because I got Poppy up to super high elo. It's been working pretty well but I just stopped playing that account so I can practice more with 4Not.Fire and work on my other champions.

Just another quick question about Poppy, what happened when you had to have 16 champs for ranked did you just have to buy a bunch of them?

Zekent: I just bought all the cheap ones since I had so much IP saved up as I don't buy anything on that account, wasn't that bad.

What are your taughts on the new champion Darius?

Zekent: I haven't actually seen him in a game yet since he is constantly banned, or people don't pick him in my game. From what I have heard though is he is pretty powerful and he starts to snowball because of his true damage so, once he gets going he really can destroy the other team.

Team 4Not is currently looking for a top laner, who have you been trying out?

Zekent: We were playing with Westrice, but I think we are going to pick up Tricks he is pretty good at top lane and almost everything else, he even plays support so if we want me and him can swap if we need to play support or Kayle or something.

Any upcoming tournaments coming  up?

Zekent: We are actually going to MLG Anaheim which is coming up in 2 weeks so we are practicing quite hard, like a few hours a day. We are really looking forward to that.

How do you fancy your chances?

Zekent: Against some of the top teams I think we will do okay but I wouldnt say we are completely Top Tier yet, we are still working our way up as we haven't been a team too long, we are still working on communication and everything. So far in like scrims and in smaller tournaments we are doing pretty well we beat CLG the other day, we did pretty well against Curse. So I've been looking forward to it, I think we do stand a chance.

You are always really happy and positive on stream, what's the trick?

Zekent: Don't let the game get to you, don't take it out on your team mates if they mess up chances are they are upset too that are messing up unless they are trolling or something but that's a different issue. If someone dies or something don't make them feel worse by saying You Suck. So keep everyone positive and the more communitcation that happens on your team that isn't just random banter is going to help you guys out.

In the current support meta, who are the scariest supports?

Zekent: The supports I don't want to run into the most are Alistar and Leona. If they can get combos off they can completely wreck a team fight or just even in lane. If you have Leona and Corki, that lane is deadly even against something that has high sustain like Soraka, you'll get bursted immeditly and you won't even have the chance to heal back up. So Leona and Alistar are just so strong right now and of course Janna is up there because she is so strong in team fights.

So everyone is now picking Blitzcrank, what do you think about him?

Zekent: Oh I love blitz, one trick on him is you dont even have to throw your hook out you can just run at them. People are going to be so bust trying to dodge your hook, you can basically just punch them straight up into the air and then, when they flash you can grab them. The scariest part about blitz is him just having the hook up, even if he is not doing anything with it.


It's like Pudge in DotA.

Zekent: Yup it's awesome.

See, thing is though, with Pudge its because of how far his hook goes you can scream fishing at the top of your luings when you throw out your hook. Anyway, your green hat is famous, where did you get that hat?

Zekent: I was given it from a friend, I don't know where she got it but it's an awesome hat. I guess it's like my icon now or something.

Yeah, just change your name to "The Hat".

Zekent: Yes, I'll be the green hat guy. They should make a poppy skin with a green hat.

So do you play any other games besides League of Legends?

Zekent: I've been playing D3 a good amount, I've been looking forward to it for a very long time. I played D2 for way too long and it's been really run.

So lets just make a superhero called the green hat guy, that is you, what are your super powers?

Zekent: My super power would be flying.

Aww Flying come on!

Zekent: Or like the power to make everyone calm down.

Who is your favourite pokémon?

Zekent: Jigglypuff, I play her in every Smash Bros. game and I beat Pokémon silver with just Jigglypuff, it was awesome.



With only a Jigglypuff? How?

Zekent: I caught a Jigglypuff at the start of the game and deletled all my other pokémon.

Jigglypuff OP!! That's all the questions I have, any shoutouts or anything?

Zekent: Just to my team, my viewers and everyone that has been supporting me, you guys have been awesome, that's about it. Also to you for giving me an interview.

No problem man, thanks.


Make sure to follow Green Hat Guy over on his twitter @TheZekent and check out his stream over on I'd like to thank Zekent for the very fun interview, JIGGLYPUFF OP!