Interview with Monsoon of FlyQuest!



Tue 3rd Sep 2019 - 9:00am

At the beginning of August, ESPN and Respawn put together the EXP Invitational for Apex Legends at the X Games Minneapolis where 15 of the best teams competed for the top spot of Apex Champions. Today we sat down with the holder of second most kills throughout the entire event, Bowen "Monsoon" Fuller of FlyQuest, to talk about Apex Legends.

Do you mind telling us how you became a member of the FlyQuest Gaming? 

Monsoon: Well, I was currently playing for World Best Gaming for Apex Legends when WBG ran into some problems internally and decided that pursuing esports as a whole wasn’t a viable option. I didn’t know FlyQuest was looking to pick up an Apex Legends roster but Convertible (the analyst) ended up messaging me immediately and saying, “This is going to happen.” Now, 3 months later, we’re developing as a team, a family, and we’re all super excited to continue #ShowcasingGreatness!

Which character do you main, and what about that character has made you attached to it?

Monsoon: I play Wraith in competitive Apex. I really enjoyed the aesthetic of a teleporting, blinking, mysterious character before the game came out. It just so happens I fell in love with the playstyle as well. The versatility and importance of a Wraith role made me want to continue getting better. The teleporting potential, low profile hitbox, and phase walk lead to some pretty potentially impressive plays as I pressure enemies as close and uncomfortably as possible.

Respawn has decided to run the Iron Crown limited time event, which is offering a Solos mode for Apex Legends. If it goes smoothly, do you think Respawn will run other limited time events in the future such as Duos or even Squads (4 players)? 

Monsoon: I definitely think they plan to integrate solos as a permanent game mode in the future, but I’m not sure how successful Quad squads or Duos would be. While Solos highlight individual performance and mechanics, Trios is a good, stable medium that allows the showcase of team play without getting cluttered by fast-paced fights that I believe four-man squads would bring. Regardless, I think at least trying them would definitely be cool to see. Definitely hoping they add a ton more game modes, maps, and content.

Fans seem to be pretty upset with the way the Iron Crown items are being priced and the drop rates. What are your thoughts on this situation? 

Monsoon: I think it’s fair EA and Respawn are charging for the crates. I don’t look at it so much as “overpricing” but rather a price to support the game. We have tons of content outside of the Iron Crown event. We also have access to quests that give us free Iron Crown Apex Packs as well. Most skins are 18 dollars individually anyways.

Respawn also announced the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational in which 80 teams will compete for half a million dollars, which seems to be their first huge jump into the comp scene. What are your thoughts on this gigantic event? 

Monsoon: I’m looking forward to all events EA and Respawn have in store for us. Not only will this showcase the beginning of Apex Legends as a professional esport, but it’ll also be an incredible stepping stone for players who aren’t as well known in the scene. 80 teams compete, 20 teams make it to finals, and one team takes the victory. Super thankful and excited I get to be apart of this journey entirely.

On reddit, a user suggested changing the Digital Threat from a circle to a red dot. Do you think that’d be a good change? 

Monsoon: Honestly, that’s the first time I've heard anything like that. I don’t necessarily think it’ll have a major impact at all. I think DT has its specific role for close quarter end game smokes and what not. I still think it’s incredibly strong and it just takes a tiny bit of getting used to before you can feel genuinely comfortable. I'll still love it regardless of its shape.

Bloodhound is the newest character to receive an heirloom with the arrival of the Iron Crown event. What heirlooms would you like to see for the remaining characters?

Monsoon: I want there to be heirlooms for every single character. The aesthetic is so interesting. Not only does it aid the lore and background of a character, but it’s also super pleasing to use in game. I think they’ve done a great job thus far with both Kunai and the Bloodhound heirloom. Honestly, I don't even have my Wraith kunais.  

You had an awesome performance during the XGames coming in second for most kills. Can you describe your experience during the event, and what was your favorite moment? 

Monsoon: The entire event was surreal and honestly life changing. The incredible community I’m apart of motivates me to continue playing. The venue was amazing, Respawn was amazing, ESPN was amazing. it was a phenomenal experience. I remember putting my head down, getting lost in the game, and being able to look up afterwards with nothing but pride. I had such a blast and I was super pleased I was able to showcase some of my potential. My favorite part of XGames definitely had to be the first win we took with the zipline play and the interview afterwards. Seems almost like home to me.

Anything you’d like to conclude this interview with?  

Monsoon: Love you guys. Thank you for considering me for an interview! I appreciate all your hard work and passions. Shoutout and a big thank you to my family (all of you) and thank you to FlyQuest for this exciting opportunity!

Thank you to Monsoon of FlyQuest for participating in this interview. We wish you and your team the best of luck going forward!

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