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Mon 12th Jun 2017 - 6:50am

We had a chance to sit down with FrostPrime, a well known League of Legends content creator and live streamer. After sitting down and speaking with us, Frost was more than happy to share his thoughts of his career in content creation and his move to the Twitch platform, as well as his growing popularity over the last few months.

Thank you for joining us today Frost. As a content creator, you have worked on a series called "how op they used to be", just how long have you played league?

FrostPrime: My Pleasure! I have been playing since the release of Volibear back in 2011.


What interested you in League of Legends when you started?

FP: That’s a funny one actually. I had just gotten my first laptop and was looking for new games to play. I saw my brother playing league and started watching him. He was playing Vayne and had 4 Phantom Dancers. He said that if you get more attack speed you can attack more and therefore deal more damage. It made so much sense to me, he was a god at the game, and I needed to become as great as him.


What keeps you coming back after all this time?

FP: League feels like a childhood sport that I grew up with. It feels like what football or baseball might feel to others, a game that they’ll love to both play and watch all their lives.


What would you say is your primary role when you play?

FP: Recently I’ve been playing a lot of ADC, but I would definitely say that I am a mid main for life. Been in love with it for six years.


How do you personally feel your role has changed in the last season?

FP: I actually love what mid lane has become over the past season or two. It was at a state where all you saw was overpowered wave clear mids like Viktor. Now mid is in a spot where you can play literally anything. Yea champs like Fizz are still busted, but tons of different champs from marksmen like Lucian to tanks like Galio are being brought mid. It’s awesome!


You've been fairly successful in ranked, have you ever considered playing professionally?

FP: Oh yes, very much so. In my career in the online community I have 3 goals I’d like to achieve. One is to be a content creator, to which I’ve sort of achieved. I’d like to grow a bit more before I mark it as completed.  The second goal is to be a shoutcaster of an eSport. I don’t care if it is League, maybe PUBG, or any other game I become invested in, I just want to be screaming plays for all to hear. And finally I want to be a pro player. When I was 15, I was very close to becoming an Olympic level swimmer. Ever since then I’ve had an unquenchable thirst to be on top again.


As a content creator, and now a successful streamer, how do you feel your opinions and voice have changed the game?

FP: I don’t really think I’ve changed the game all that much. I mean people may have seen the stupid things I play like Lightning Shen and decide to try it out, but I don’t think I’ve pushed any major change on the game. I am however starting to develop a relationship with Riot support through my goofy twitter videos so maybe in the future I’ll be able to get good ideas in the door.


Do you feel content creators affect League and the player base in a significant way?

FP: Oh definitely. If a new champion comes out and all the creators are saying they’re good and fun, people will more likely pick them up.  But opposite of that if a new champ comes out and they’re complete trash, like Bard on release, and all the creators say negative things people are probably less likely to play them. Also if a specific video goes viral like DarkkMane’s fishing video, then people are probably going to be trying those things out too.  I also think that creators that are high tier players like Redmercy can affect how a lot of people, who take serious advice from him, play


You managed to peak in diamond during your career, what do you attribute to your success?

FP: Back in season 4 when LP clamping was really bad I decided to purchase a lvl 30 unranked account, knowing it would eventually get banned. I played nothing but Katarina and Zed. By the time it got banned I was getting 35 LP per win in mid Diamond 4, so who knows how far I really could have gotten.


As a well known player, how does your recognition affect your gameplay?

FP: Unfortunately it really only affects gameplay in a negative way. It’s a damn shame really, but when people recognize you in game there reaction usually ruins your game. They often will flame you if you make any mistakes, camp you extra hard, and go out of there way to kill you in a teamfight even if you are a tank support. That’s not to say there aren’t wonderful interactions in game. It’s just most of them are fairly poor.


How would you say content creators and streamers interact outside of your on camera persona's?

FP: I have a close group of friends that have a number of creators and we get along great. Every other creator I’ve met at events and hung out with are wonderful people. I’ve even heard negative things about some, and then when I meet them in person I am questioning the entire time how that person ever could have thought that. I have yet to have a particularly bad experience with any other creators.


What do you feel is next for you in your career?

FP: Becoming a very successful streamer. I really feel like I have what it takes. I feel like I have a good combination of originality, humor, and game knowledge.  After that I have no idea. I wouldn’t mind staying in the streaming game for a while or branching out to another career that strikes my eye along the way. I like to find things that interest me and chase them until I get them.


As a streamer, what do you feel sets you apart from other people?

FP: Well that’s an easy one. I have four webcams set up. The first three are set up around my computer so that I can transition perspective very quickly, and the fourth one is set up across my room facing a green screen. I can use this to make various effects, like me coming out the bathroom, or out of a tent (to mock campers). If I had to describe it to someone in one sentence I would say my stream is like watching a well edited, well cut video, constantly, live.


Do you have anything you would like to say to aspiring players or streamers?

FP: Give it your all. We all did. If you don’t, you won’t make it.


Thank you once again for joining us. If you would like to learn more about Frost, head over to Twitch.TV/FrostPrime_ for more.

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