Interview with CSGO Caster Metuz



Thu 4th Feb 2016 - 2:40pm

Vince "Metuz" Hill is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster who used to cast games such as League of Legends. He recently just finished hosting DreamHack Leipzig, and was kind enough to do an interview with Team Dignitas. In the interview, we asked some personal questions and some of the highlights of Leipzig and past events for DreamHack and other hosts.

Image Source: @MetuzTV

How were you introduced into Counter-Strike? What kept you interested unlike other games?

Metuz: I've played a wide variety of FPS games since the late 90's, including MOHAA, RTCW, ET, CoD 1/2 and also CS 1.6. I was hooked to the early CoD games, before it became an arcadey mess, and so although I enjoyed CS, I was mainly invested in CoD. CSS is where I started to really develop a connection with the CS franchise, I shifted from CoD onto CSS and found myself enjoying it even more, the skill level and general mechanics plus the addition of an economy was a concept that added so much to the game. CS:GO is quite simply the most entertaining game to watch right now in eSports. The drama, the twists and turns, and the sheer fanbase of this game now. There's nowhere I'd rather be. I can't get enough of the game. Not just casting, playing it too.


What made you get into casting professional Counter-Strike? Was anyone a major influence?

Metuz: Timing. I had been casting League of Legends for a few years due to the scene being starved of an FPS game I could really get behind, and I was burning out on LoL. Then CSGO beta was released. I was fortunate enough to get one really early on, and have been hooked ever since. I started off in small events, often casting totally unknown teams to 50 viewers max, but just kept going for the love of the game.


With DreamHack Leipzig over, what game was the highlight of the event for you? And was there anything else that you enjoyed at the event?

Metuz: Leipzig is the biggest tournament I have done to date, in terms of the teams, the viewership and the pressure on me. Although a lot of people still will have no clue who I am, going in to that even less did. Couple that with being on a talent list of Anders, Semmler, and HenryG all casting, and I wasn't surprised to see a lot of people asking who the hell that Metuz guy was, haha. The highlight of the event was definitely the Kjaerbye deagle clutch. Another highlight was working with HenryG as a duo. I had worked with him briefly at PGL when Sadokist was away and we hit it off, so I was looking forward to casting with him again. I feel it went even better than the first time, he is able to elevate the cast to a new level.


You've casted numerous events over your time, which one would you say was your favourite in the time you've been casting?

Metuz: Leipzig. In all honesty Leipzig wasn't only the biggest event I've done but the most enjoyable. I'm very critical of my own casting, and still had problems with it, but it's the closest to happy I've been while working at an event. The games were insane too. A bunch of upsets, overtimes, clutches, and highlight worthy plays. In terms of CS it is one of the best events I've ever seen. Additionally Dreamhack are always a pleasure to work with, so without a doubt Leipzig is my favourite.


Out of all people you've casted with before, who would you say is your personal favourite to commentate alongside? Is there any reason for that?


Metuz: This is always a hard question to answer. I'm honest and straight forward so I'm not dodging this question, but every single caster brings a different element to the table. I remember the first time I casted with Semmler at Gfinity in early 2015. Was nervous but his charisma instantly put me at ease. When we got into the cast he was so energetic and just happy to be there that it was infectious. Casting again with him at DH Open Stockholm later that year, he was just the same. I could go through a list of every caster and what they bring, but if I answer for purely selfish reasons, I feel the caster who makes me cast best because of a synergy and understanding is probably HenryG. He compliments my style well and his ridiculous knowledge and understanding of the game allows me to focus on what I do best - hype and play by play. Considering we've only casted together a few times, I think it could be a strong combo if given more time.


What's the most awkward moment you've had whilst working at an event? Whether it be your own awkward moment or someone elses?

Metuz: First time I worked at a big event back in Dreamhack Winter 2013 (not 100% on which event actually!) but I was doing League of Legends, first time on camera, and I just had no idea what to do. I was fidgeting all the time, unable to stand still, couldn't look at the camera, it was a mess! I'm still pretty awful on camera, but this was a new level of bad. Not one moment in particular just that entire event was horrendous every time the camera was on.


You're a very open minded person, often asking the CS community for constructive criticism. What's the best piece of advice you've been given that you would also give to anyone else casting?

Metuz: 'Try not to look like Anders so much' Kappa. I've received a lot of really solid advice and feedback from other casters and the community. The best is probably to try and include more of my own personality into the casts. People that know me away from casting know I have a really dark, dry sense of humour, and trying to get that into casts without it getting me in trouble is proving to be difficult! It's something I'm working on all the time, hopefully in time I'll crack it. 


Is there any event you'd love to be able to work at specifically? Such as a major like ESL Cologne, or any other event that comes to mind?

Metuz: I'm really not picky. Any major. I like to set myself goals at the beginning of the year. In January of 2015 I wanted to work with Anders and Semmler, I managed to do it. This year I set myself the goal of casting any major. Doesn't even have to be a finals or knock out game. Any game of any major. Perhaps that's aiming too high, but I'm working my ass off to get there.


Have you ever found yourself taking interest in other eSports such as League of Legends, HoTS, Smite e.t.c?

Metuz: I'm interested in all of those games, and play them from time to time. I just love gaming. I view myself first and foremost as a gamer. When I'm not casting or preparing for events I'm normally playing games. Additionally the type of person I am, I have to switch up games from time to time or I'll burn out. I love CS, but playing it and casting it all day would drive me crazy. I used to cast LoL as my main game for a few years, and actively play HOTS and Smite, although I suck at both.


Lastly, any shoutouts you'd like to give to anyone, or any final words to finish off the interview?

Metuz: Yourself for getting in contact with me, thanks for the interview! A lot of love to all those that have supported me through the years of my casting, whether you're a newer supporter or been around for ages. Means a lot. Thank you all. :)

If you've enjoyed the interview you can catch up with Metuz on Twitter @MetuzTV, or if you'd like to watch him play you can follow him on Twitch and watch some of his streams at Thanks once again to Vince for the interview!