CSGO Grenade Guide: Handle them carefully



Thu 28th Aug 2014 - 7:46pm

Aiming and positioning is not a problem for you, but those grenades are hard to pull out and cumbersome when you try to switch weapons. They'd be a great addition to your arsenal of weaponery, but you don't know how to use them properly. To start fixing the solution, bind your grenades to keys or mouse buttons that are easily accessible so that you can pull them out quickly and not have to scroll through your whole inventory with the mouse wheel. Same thing should be done with your primary and secondary weapon as well as your knife. Secondly, let's go a little bit more in depth with each grenade.


All grenades are the same price on both sides, except for the molotov for the Terrorist side and the Incediary Grenade for the Counter-Terrorist side.

Incendirary Grenade/ Molotov: 600$/300$
Decoy Grenade: 50$
Flashbang: 200$
High Explosive Grenade: 300$
Smoke Grenade: 300$
All grenade kills will award you with 300$.


What do they do and what are they for?

The Incediary Grenades or Molotovs are used to get an enemy out of their position or to make them burn to death after dealing a decent amount of damage.

The Decoy Grenade is used to make a distraction. Decoys are rarely purchased, expect on pistol round, when teams will purchase armor. I've asked a fair number of friends and all their awnsers were conclusive: people buy decoys to have 100$ instead of 150$. Blame it on OCD.

The Flashbang is used to blind enemies or making them turn around for a few seconds to have a higher rate of eliminating them.

The High Explosive Grenade is, in most cases, used to finish off wounded enemies. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, HE grenades are not over powered, meaning they will never kill an opponent that has full health. This adds more action in the game as it gives a player a second chance to live and change the final outcome of a round, or even a match.

Finally, the Smoke Grenade is usually used to smoke off areas of the map. This grenade is basically the most powerful one as it will tremendously help a team out with the offence or defence of a bomb site.

How to use the different grenades

Incediary Grenades or Molotovs are most commonly used when a team is pushing a checkpoint. Players will throw these grenades down to stop the push or damage as much as possible the rushing players. Finishing them off is a breeze if they passed the flames, since they deal a good chunk of damage. These fire bombs provide an advantage to Terrorists since they can force CTs out of a position and kill them as soon as they come out from their hiding hole.

As I mentionned earlier, Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists can use a decoy to their advantage to confuse the enemies. This brings in the concept of faking a defence or offense of a bomb site. A Terrorist team may use their grenades to smoke off a bomb site, flash in and decoy as if they were going to push, then take the opposite bomb site. This faking makes CT over-rotate and leave the other site weaker. On the other hand, if CTs think that Ts are trying to push in the site, they can throw some decoys in the site and flash the Terrorists.

Hearing all the gun shots and being blind will scare the Terrorists away and successfully make them fall back. A third strategy that can be performed with decoys is also available. Decoys produce the sound of your strongest weapon. In this situation, decoys can be used to trick the opponent into thinking you are on a save round, also known as an eco round. To do so, simply purchase a decoy, throw it away and then purchase a primary weapon. The enemy players will hear pistols and will be surprised when you kill them with a primary rifle.

To succesfully flash an opponent, you must learn pop flashes. These are flashes that appear for a brief second in your opponents' view, blinds them and makes them almost defenseless. In higher ranks, players will learn to turn around quickly to avoid the flash, then turn back around to face the opponents. Often times, players will turn around as soon as they hear a flash bounce off the wall, that is why they are ready to kill you when you run in. To take advantage of them turning around, you should always peak with your flash. This means that as it pops, you are peaking. The enemy will either be blind or be turning around, providing you that split second to eliminate him.

High Explosive Grenades are used to damage peaking or defending players. They can be used to finish off a severly wounded opponent, giving enemies first hand damage before pushing in a site or just scaring them away.

Smoke Grenades may seem useless, but they are in fact the most useful and powerful grenades in the game. They will tremendously help you with the offence or defence of a bomb site, since they provide 15 seconds of cover. Before the bomb is planted, Terrorists will use smokes to cut off angles and spots that Counter-Terrorists may be playing to try to defend a site. Meanwhile, Counter-Terrorists will use smokes to prevent Terrorists from pushing. After the bomb is planted, the smokes are used in reversed roles.

Terrorists will smoke off entrances to cut off CTs that are trying to take the bomb site back and CTs will use smokes to make the Terrorists useless in a position that they are hiding in. How do walls of flying particles protect you from lead bullets flying through the air you ask? Smokes will make opponents unsure about what you are doing in an area of the map and they will provide 15 seconds of cover. This is enough time for you to push in a bomb site and plant a bomb or ninja defuse. As a Terrorist, just planting the bomb will increase your chances of winning a round. As I've mentioned in a previous guide, time will be your ally if you are a CT, but once the bomb is planted, your ally now becomes your enemy. Vice-versa for the Terrorist team: time will be your opponent if the bomb is not planted, but once it is, you have time on your side.



Throwing a grenade is simple. You may left click to throw a grenade the farthest distance, click on both mouse buttons to throw a grenade at a medium length and finally right click to throw a grenade the closest distance possible.


In addition to mouse buttons, any movement done whilst throwing a grenade will affect its trajectory and/or speed. For example, a grenade that is thrown whilst running will go further than a grenade that is thrown whilst not moving at all. Of course, you can combine movements and types of clicks to fit the situation that you are in. Here is a summary of what each movement will do to a grenade compared to an idle, normal throw.

Jumping: travels upwards, further, same speed
Falling: travels downwards, closer, same speed
Running: travels at the same height, a lot further, a lot faster
Walking: travels at the same height, a little bit further, a little bit faster
Crouch-walking: same height, a little bit further, same speed
Running, walking, crouch-walking backwards: same height, closer, slower speed
Running, walking, crouch-walking whilst moving left and right: same height, grenade will travel in diagonal, variant speeds depending on which movement you are doing


Generally, you never want to throw a grenade whilst crouch-walking since it leaves exposed to many angles and defenseless if an enemy peaks you.

Don't forget that you also have a map to play on. Use walls, poles and other infrastructures to bounce your grenades off to use them more effectively. This will come into play when you want to safely smoke off, grenade, flash or molly an opponent that is hiding somewhere. It will be useful for taking control of a bombsite or defending it. 

Thank you so very much for reading this guide, I hope you enjoyed and learned new things. If you can, please spread the news and share this thread as well as the Team Dignitas website, we appreciate it. Until next time!

-William Ngo