Correct Communication is the Key!



Thu 24th Jul 2014 - 3:09pm

During your average Counter-Strike: Global Offensive session you may encounter a rainbow of personalities ranging from your average Joe to your "Get_rekt son" type of player and in all honesty, even if they carry me in a game, I find them extremely irritating. So here I am left to an option to mute or not to mute.

At higher ranks strategy comes into play when playing with randoms. You can obviously have games where you simply "out skill" your opponents, but in most cases you are evenly matched and I think both you and I can agree that a team which does not scream their lungs out into the microphone calling each other noobs, l2p *insert more colourful language here*, along with running around like headless chickens, will do much good against a team which has even the slightest idea of a strategy. Let us say you are fortunate enough to be on a team like that (I mean with flamers) and you have a premade pair on your team who are full out flaming everyone. What do you do? Do you risk a headache for possible useful information or do you just mute the flamers and hope that, despite the flame, they will not callout anything useful that would have saved your team the round.

For the most part everyone generally mutes them, but what I recommend is trying to communicate. I have generally noticed when facing "stressful" situations that if you callout some good information which helps your team achieve the ultimate goal, be it killing the last guy or "yolo" defusing it, you will gain respect from them. This in turn helps the team mend together and this will lower the amount of flame to minimal or to non-existent. This in turn can save you from gaining another loss which you will obviously pin on the flamers. Remember it never hurts to try! After the game you can tell yourself I tried, it did not work, we lost because of the flamers, but if you never try to communicate with the flamers and just blatantly mute them you will never find out if they would've been adequate players. That one attempt might have changed the faith of the whole team and saved you from deranking... again...

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a very skill based game, but once you hit those high ranks it becomes much more then just skill and creating enemies on your team or just plainly excluding your team is not wise. Always strive for team play, positivity and communication within the team. This doesn't just go for higher ranks, lower ranks can apply the same ideology. Where aim will not save you a correctly timed teammate flanking your opponents will.

If you have flamers on your team please, do not join them. The saying if you can't beat them join them does NOT apply here. A squad full of flamers will just ruin your day and achieve you a loss. In the long run the negativity will impact your game and your performance will drop and we do not want that.

All I recommend is before unleashing the mighty mute button try communicate with the flamers and it might give you the edge over your opponents who might have the same situation. Personally I go for the headache unless it is one-hundred percent unbearable. As much as they flame they make the game so much funnier... especially when you are loosing.