How to Set Up a Smoke Wall on Inferno



Sun 13th Sep 2020 - 3:03pm

Without a doubt, de_inferno has blessed Counter-Strike fans with countless incredible moments. We all know what happens when you go around the corner of Banana and come face-to-face with a certain Frenchman and his Desert Eagle. The world was watching with bated breath as the North Americans finally managed to win a Major tournament. We've each got our own favorite memories on these Italian streets, but only one man has earned the right to sit atop the throne as King of Banana. Dignitas' very own Friberg has had such an impact holding down the B side of the map that Valve took to naming the street after him. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to head up the road and conquer the B Bombsite, who better to listen to than the King himself? Friberg has gone on record suggesting a single flashbang over the balcony shown in the image above. It's also quite useful at times to Molotov the Car position at the top of Banana. By doing this, Terrorists can fairly consistently take control Banana. Keep in mind that it's always a good idea to remain wary of Counter-Terrorists who stack grenades at the start of the round to counter this exact play. Once you and your teammates have cleared out Banana and forced back any Counter-Terrorists to the bombsite, you'll need a plan of attack to get in and plant the bomb. Luckily, I have one for you.

B Smoke 1 - 2nd Box

This first smoke is one of three designed to carve the B site in two. This one will land between 2nd Box and Fountain. Wedge yourself into position atop Wood and locate the correct spot on the railing. The smoke is quite simple, just a standard left-click jump-throw. This cuts off vision from players behind 2nd Box and New Box. Depending on your molotov usage, you may need to be wary of a player tucked between 1st and 2nd Boxes. For those who would rather negate that position entirely, keep reading for the molotovs later. 


B Smoke 2 - Fountain

Next up is the Fountain smoke, which will land almost directly in the center of the Bombsite. Line up with the first set of window shutters and place your crosshair between the branches as I show. No running or jumping required, just left-click throw. When this smoke plumes, it blocks off lines of sight from Dark and Fountain areas. Coupled up with the previous smoke, there is just one more that you need to get a bomb plant without much contest from CTs. 

B Smoke 3 - Coffin

This third and final smoke for the B Bombsite will land in front of Coffin and block off vision from anyone in the area, including someone playing the headshot angle overtop. Line up next to your buddy by the window shutters, this time at the set closer to the Bombsite. Using the tree leaves as a guide, go about halfway vertically between the lowest telephone wire and the branch. This will be another left-click throw. 

At this point, assuming you and two competent teammates have combined to throw these smokes, you'll have cut the bombsite in half as shown. If you desire, you could also easily throw a standard CT Spawn Smoke to make things even easier. This could be done by the same player who throws one of the two Molotovs I'm about to show you.


B Molotov 1 - Dark

This molotov can be thrown from a number of positions, but this one is the easiest I personally found. The only risk is that you are totally exposed if someone peeks from CT Spawn. As I previously suggested, you may want to smoke that off before jumping atop Sandbags. Once you're up there, aim between the V-shaped section of branches as shown and perform a gentle tap to the W key just before you release the smoke. I would suggest waiting to throw this until your teammates toss their other three smokes, as it will force any Dark player to move into the open and become more susceptible to being spammed through a smoke. However, this molotov is not at all essential for the plant to be secured.

B Molotov 2 - 1st & 2nd Boxes

This lineup is by far the most difficult, but it can do the work of what otherwise might have taken two molotovs. Press into the barrels at old Car and aim at the notch in the roof as shown. This will likely take you some practice to consistently find the right distance upwards to aim from there. Jump-throw the molotov off the skybox. It will land on the 2nd Box and negate a player standing on either side of it, as well as obviously anyone on top of it. Most importantly, this molotov will help cover the small gap that was left from the first smoke. 

This is an unorthodox way of taking the B Bombsite, but similar strategies have been employed with success in the past at the professional level. With that, there are two smokes for the A side of the map that might be of use to you on their own, especially in a situation where you don't have the teammates to pull off such a coordinated take as I've shown you for B.


A Smoke 1 - Pit

Near top Middle, find the green mailbox and align yourself in the center of it. Aim for the tip of the left piece of the antenna, and left-click. This will block vision from Pit and parts of Big Pit. The smoke may also even help your teammates exit Apartments, as vision is partially obscured there as well. 


A Smoke 2 - Arch-Side Middle

This last smoke can be useful when none of your teammates in a solo-queue game seem to be able to throw a decent smoke for the Arch-Side of Middle. This lineup can be done quickly and easily. Press into the corner in Alt-Middle as shown and aim for the tip of the middle part of the antenna. It will bounce off the roof and into position, allowing no vision from CTs playing in the area. 

I hope you manage to find success with these lineups. Thinking about the bombsites in new ways can help to theorize unique methods of getting a bomb plant and ultimately winning rounds. If you're interested in learning similar lineups over on Vertigo, check them out here. For more Dignitas content and updates, check out the #Digscord. 


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