CSGO Anubis Guide: Smokes Fit for a Pharaoh



Sat 16th May 2020 - 11:00am

Shortly after its success in the recent Mapcore contest came the addition of de_Anubis to the official map pool in late March. Many players have enjoyed the map's beautiful design and interesting layout. The Egyptian-themed defusal map features windows on each bombsite which allow for a few incredibly difficult yet equally useful smokes. Before delving into those more complex lineups, let's walk through a few of the easier ones. Keep in mind these are all designed for 64-tick servers.

Smoke 1 - Middle from T-Spawn

This first smoke can be done with a simple jump-throw bind. The lineup I show in the video below is very forgiving. You can aim somewhat above and to the right of where I aim without losing any of the benefits of this smoke. Test it out for yourself to get a better feel for how easy it is to throw. As long as you throw it reasonably well, this will block off vision from a CT who might be sniping down middle. 

Smoke 2 - B Site from Ruins

Another basic jump-throw, this smoke will land directly in the center of the B Bombsite to block off vision from Back of Site and Connector. This can help you take the site from B Long. The lineup is simple, only requiring you to stand against the bricks as shown and to aim for the tip of the obelisk.

 Smoke 3 - Alley from Ruins

Perhaps the easiest of these five to throw is this Alley smoke. Simply run up the stairs or jump up onto the ledge as shown, and align your crosshair on the edge of these bricks. Even when jumping, a CT would have no way of spotting you from Alley as you run into the B Bombsite.

Smoke 4 - Walkway from T-Spawn

This is where things really start to get interesting. Anyone can find a lineup for this area from closer to A site, perhaps in Canals. The beauty of this particular lineup is that it is thrown from all the way back in T-Spawn, opening up the possibility of a quick fake without having to make a lengthy rotation. A Counter-Terrorist will be forced to reposition from Walkway if they want any vision of the Bombsite. This smoke is tricky to get the timing of the release down at first, but it becomes much easier after a few practice throws.

Smoke 5 - Heaven from Canals

If you thought the last smoke was tough, this final one will blow it out of the water. Head into Canals to get into position just in line with this tiny plant growing near the lilypads. In the video below, I line it up near the leftmost edge of the pillar then move down to the lowest crack between the bricks that can be seen above the gondola. You don't have much room for error here. Aiming too far left will cause you to hit the edge of the window. Too far right and you'll find your smoke bouncing off the ivy-covered column and land somewhere near Walkway. Once you've perfected the angles, you'll want to practice the timing of the release. Letting it fly too early will result in your throw being too weak but tossing it too late will cause it to bounce right off the edge of heaven and land on the floor. Any of these mistakes are very easy to make, so I encourage you not to give up if you are having trouble at first. Coupling this smoke with previous Walkway one will cut off two major areas of this A Bombsite and should make it very easy for your teammates to take the site.


Once again, these smokes work for 64-tick servers. Hopefully those of you who have been playing Anubis can make use of these lineups. The map has a number of interesting tight angles that make it very fun to find smokes to help take bombsites. Good luck in your matches!