A Guide to Practice Your Aim in CSGO



Tue 17th Mar 2020 - 8:03pm

Before we start talking about how to practice your aim, there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, perfecting aim takes time. You can't do this for one day and expect to have perfect aim for the rest of your life. Imagine your ability to aim is how hungry you are. Being not hungry at all is the same as having perfect aim and in order to not be hungry, you must eat every once in a while to make sure you do not go hungry. Also, do not practice your aim too much in one day to avoid exhaustion.

Your aim routine should be made up of what you need to practice. My suggestion for you would to go back and watch your demos to see what you need to work on the most. When you first start playing, you'll need to work a lot on your aim but once you get good, maintaining isn't as hard. So, don't give up if you feel this is a lot of work in the beginning as it will get easier and soon, you will be out-fragging all of your friends in no time.

Below is our training schedule to improve your aim.

Get 100 Kills

One major aspect of aiming in all games is being able to micro-adjust. There is a big difference from a shot landing on your enemy's head than the shot landing on their shoulder and that difference be the reason you win a clutch situation instead of losing. The way I like to practice micro-adjustment is by using the revolver. In every other situation, the revolver is unorthodox and would never work in any situation, but if we go on a map such as Aim Botz, you can hold down mouse one and in between shots, you have to quickly move your mouse to another bot's head.

The great thing about this is for me personally, I could spend three seconds trying to perfectly line up my shots but by holding down mouse one with the revolver, it forces me to think and adjust quickly make sure I can kill bot after bot without failure. This way, the next time you're in a 1vX clutch situation, your shots will be more accurate so you can win the round.

Get 100 Zoomed-In Kills

Another important skill that needs to be practiced (that goes right along with micro-adjusting) is being able to quickly kill enemies and immediately move your crosshair to the next in order to be as successful as possible in-game. One great way to practice this is by simply going from bot to bot with a Krieg. I prefer starting zoomed in then eventually un-zooming until I have almost 100% accuracy. This might seem as if it is useless but it might just save your life in-game.

Get 200 Headshots

As much as practicing headshots seems important, the ability to headshot bots means almost nothing, but it is a great way to practice muscle memory. I recently switched my mouse sensitivity and my accuracy is slightly lower. In order to be able to aim better in-game, you have to practice headshots, not to get headshots, but to lock in the movements of your hand for each distance into your muscle memory. At first, you might not see a difference but over time, you will get better and better and your accuracy will also improve as you will know exactly how much you have to move your mouse to get between where your crosshair is and where your opponent's body is. 

Get 200 Kills While Spraying

This is one of the most important abilities and requires some prior knowledge. You must know how the recoil pattern for the weapon you want to use and get your accuracy to 85-90% before trying this. The main point of this exercise is to simulate real game experience. In-game, you won't be tapping away at enemies as you'll almost instantly die. You will have to spray down opponents in order to make sure you come out on top, and that's what you practice here. This is one of the most important things to practice and the easiest as well. While you are doing this, imagine you are in-game and suddenly see an opponent.

Try to use the skills you practiced earlier to quickly lock onto your opponent and kill them as quickly as possible. To make this even harder, the map Aim Botz has a setting in which opponents can move around, which will make this exercise even more realistic like an in-game scenario. As for how to kill opponents, do whatever feels natural. I myself try to mix in some multi-kill spraydowns in there to practice. Once you have mastered your spray, this can replace your daily spray control warm up as you are simply just applying your knowledge of the spray in this exercise. Also, be sure to alternate guns.

You should know sprays for all of the most commonly used weapons just in case the situation arises where you need to know them, and therefore all weapons should be used in this exercise.

Get 100 Kills Using the AWP

This exercise is the most important as it is all the previous exercise put together. Even if you are not a primary AWPer, the AWP can still help you practice all of the skills you need to know in one exercise. Micro-adjusting is practiced by split-second adjustments right before you shoot the AWP. Headshot kills and going from opponent to opponent is practiced here by being able to quickly go from one target to the next with the AWP and kill as quickly as possible. First, let me tell you a few things you need to know about the AWP. The accuracy of this weapon is only 100% when you are standing still and the weapon is fully scoped in. Anything less than that has a chance of missing. With that in mind, you need to make sure the weapon is partially, if not fully, scoped in when shooting at a target that is a medium or long distance away. Also, the shot is not 100% accurate while flicking onto opponents. However, crouching can make your shot more accurate.

One unique thing about the AWP is the fact that even if you are not on an opponent, you can flick towards them in the last second possible and if you did it right, you can kill them. So, if you are able to practice all the skills I listed above with just AWPing, is it the only thing that you should be doing? No, it is essential that you practice all weapons and AWPers must practice their rifling and vice versa in order for a player to become great at the game. Even CSGO pros who never pick up the AWP still practice with it as it trains their skills and you never know when the skill might come in handy.

In summary, these exercises are just five of many that will help you improve your abilities. I included a suggested kill amount based on my own needs and what I need to fix but feel free to change the numbers in order to properly accommodate what you need to work on. After all, every person practices differently which is why no two players are ever the same. Finally, if you are a player who does not have access to CS: GO every single day, you still want to try doing these exercises as many days in a row as possible and you can do that through a website called Aimbooster is a great site that allows you to even go as far as to customize your sensitivity, which is essential for practicing aim, in order to make the experience as similar to playing as possible.

Along with that, aimbooster's activities are very similar to the ones I have mentioned above and you have the added bonus of being able to practice anywhere. For example, say you were on vacation and didn't have access to your computer but still wanted to practice going between two targets. You can simply choose the activity double shot and practice away. In addition, there are other things you can train on the site, such as reaction speed practice, that will help you with your in-game abilities and make you a better player.

The map I used in this article is entitled "Aim Botz". You can download it from the Steam Workshop. Then close out of this and click on the dropdown menu that says workshop maps and open the Aim Botz map.