Five Unique Skin Patterns Worth More in CSGO



Thu 12th Mar 2020 - 6:01pm

Now that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been out for multiple years, the game has had time to flood peoples' inventories with hundreds of beautiful weapon skins. If you have the right skins, you might just have special patterns on them, potentially increasing the value. But keep in mind that 4 out of the 5 skins I am going to present to you do not have much market value for people who aren't interested in trading them, but they are still awesome to have, whether you plan on trading or keeping them. 

XM1014 Seasons - Blue Leaf

One of the most hyped patterns, the famous XM1014 "Blue Leaf" was the skin to have in 2017. The "Seasons" skin is a collection of colorful leaves on each side of the XM. The price for a factory new Seasons is around $1.15. They usually come in colors like yellow, red or green, but getting a single blue leaf on the side of the pattern is something quite unique. They used to be very rare when the skin first came out, causing everyone to go on a quest to find one. Since time passed and more of them dropped, they aren't as valuable (a little more than market price) and are just uncommon now. Even if they aren't very valuable, it is still an amazing skin to look at. 

Tec-9/Galil AR "Sandstorm" - Purple

A popular play skin, the Sandstorm series are cool patterns that have a tan and purple exterior on your Tec-9 or Galil. The Tec-9 version of the Sandstorm is a very affordable skin, with minimal wear being between 40-50 cents. The Galil-AR version is more expensive, with the minimal wear being between $1.70-$1.80. If you have a Sandstorm that is mostly purple, it is a bit rarer than a regular one. The market value doesn't change much for it, but it sure does look amazing. If you like the color purple or know someone who is willing to pay more for it, then this is the pattern to buy.

AWP "Electric Hive" - One Full Color

The AWP "Electric Hive" has been around for a long time, releasing in the Esports 2013 winter case. It is a more expensive skin on this list with all 4 wears (no battle scarred) being between 14-20 dollars. The skin comes with orange and blue colors appearing to have a similar pattern to that of a beehive. It might not have as many diverse patterns of some other skins, but there is one cool feature about it. Getting an Electric Hive with one full color across it is a bit more uncommon than a regular one. A full blue Electric Hive is rarer than a full orange one, so you may be able to get some extra money trading a blue one to someone interested. Adding this classic skin to your collection is a good choice, no matter the color. 

AWP "PAW" - Center Golden Cat

If you love animals, then this is the perfect skin for you. The AWP "PAW" features many different patterns of cute cats and dogs all across your AWP. The price of a factory new PAW is around $4.70. All of the patterns are great, but one stands out from the rest. Getting the golden Chinese cat called "Fa Cai Mao" is a rare pattern for this skin. In China, the Fa Cai Mao cat signifies luck and wealth. The skin can be worth a little more than market price if the cat is in the center position. But regardless of the cat, it is a fun cute skin for all animal lovers. 

Case Hardened Series - Blue



The Case Hardened series of skins are one of the most well-known and oldest patterns in the game, appearing on the Five-SeveN, Ak-47, and all the knives. Case Hardened skins can be worth a lot of money if you have the right one. They can be really hard to price since there are so many different kinds of Case Hardened Patterns. The basics of a Case Hardened is the more blue you have, the more valuable your gun is. So having a lot blue on your skin can be worth a lot of money. Having a mostly blue Case Hardened is called a "Blue Gem." Some extremely rare Blue Gems are known to be sold for thousands of dollars. 

The Right Person

Even though some of the skins listed above tend to be worth only a little more than market price, it isn't impossible to make some money from them. These skins are like collector's items in the real world. An item may not be worth anything to the average person, but some people may pay a lot to add the item to their collection; the same thing applies in CSGO. If you want to get rid of one of these skins, check out trade servers and see if anyone is interested in trading for them. There is a person out there for everything, an opportunity will eventually present itself. Even if you are a collector or a trader, always remember to have fun with it. That is why we are here after all.