The Ultimate Smoke Guide for Overpass



Thu 5th Sep 2019 - 10:32am

Overpass is a map that was introduced to the competitive rotation sometime after CS:GO’s release, having received several updates that drastically changed its layout. It’s also well-known for its fair share of controversial boosts, one of which ended up with Fnatic forfeiting their place in the playoffs of DreamHack Winter 2014, after using one that gave them an enormous comeback to win the match, but got the entire community angry at them, including several other professional players.

It's a map that relies heavily on executes to be able to attain bombsite control, which means knowing what utility to use is essential. This article will be all about Smoke Grenades - which ones you should know and how to use them collectively to the best proficiency. This will be a mainly graphic article, relying heavily on images and other media to explain how to use them. In each one, I'll describe briefly how to throw it, whether it is by "left-clicking", "running left-click" or even using a jump-throw bind.

The Smokes will be grouped by Bombsite and map side (if they’re more useful as a Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist). Reminder that the callouts may differ a bit from your location, but they should be easy to understand.



Between Bank and Bombsite

Throw type: Left click

When attacking from Long, this Smoke allows for an easier time pushing, as neutralizes possible AWPers in Bank or back Bombsite.


Throw type: Crouch Left click

This Smoke can be useful for different objectives – you can use it to plant inside of it or to cover the default plant against the player who might be playing there. Nevertheless, be careful if the defending player tries to peek around the truck.


Throw type: Left-click

Before throwing this smoke, you should have long control, as it can get you killed if someone peeks long from A. Since Bank is a common rotation spot, it’s important to smoke it to allow for an easier entrance on A and delay rotations.


Throw type: Left click

Just like Bank, Dumpster is a common rotation spot, being the closest one to the B bombsite. Very important to smoke, as it can get tricky to kill an opponent behind the cover available, which gives an advantage to them.



Throw type: Left click

Pretty self-explanatory smoke and easy to execute – gets you Connector control and allows a possible push to Water without being seen from Underpass. But remember that if you open the door, your opponents can hear it. Can also get you a one-way smoke to Underpass.




Throw type: Left click

Crucial smoke when attacking B, as it covers the high ground the CTs might have. Being such a common position with the AWP, your team should aim to neutralize it as soon as possible.


Throw type: Left click

Essentially splits this part of the bombsite in two, making you avoid long range fights from Graffiti when trying to get B control. Be careful of players playing behind the bombsite, crouched above Water, as they might try to play close to the edge of the smoke.

Middle of Bombsite

Throw type: Left click

Used together with the Bridge and Heaven Smokes can give you an easier time when gaining control of the bombsite and planting the bomb. If you throw a Molotov into Barrels, you’ll just need to worry about water and a possible push through the Smoke on Bridge, which should be easy to counter.



Water Tunnels

Throw type: Left click

Allows you to gain water control more safely. Remember that if your opponents are rushing, you may find yourself with big problems in your hands, as the smoke will not stop them – for that, use an Incendiary instead.

Monster from CT Spawn

Throw type: Walking Left click

Allows you to get a super early Smoke on Monster, which could be really good against possible fast plays. Combine it with a Flashbang when arriving on B and your opponents should give up on that rush idea.


Throw type: Left click

An easy smoke that can work wonders if your opponents decide to rush Short. Be careful with this one, as it is easy to leave a gap on it if thrown while running. It takes less than two seconds to throw it well.

Training resources

There is one good resource to use and improve your Smokes – Yprac maps are one of the best Workshop projects at the moment. In my opinion, it’s a must have for any player looking to improve their map knowledge. Yesber, the creator of the different maps, made some amazing tweaks on each map that allows you to easily practice prefires, peeks, Smokes, Flashbangs, etc. You can check out the Workshop page here!

Remember that explaining exact positions with screenshots are hard, which means that following up the read of this article, I strongly recommend diving into YouTube and search for Smoke guides, as those will complement what is written above.

As I always say, practice these throws by yourself or with friends in private servers before taking them to a match – being able to do them effectively and as fast as possible is crucial in a game like Counter-Strike, where every millisecond can be the difference between winning or losing the round. Try to practice them under different conditions, like if you were in a high-pressure situation, or even try to coordinate them with your friends and teammates. Understand the time it takes for a Smoke to pop off to avoid pushing way too soon and dying from the position that should be smoked already – remember that some throws take longer than others to land.

I also released an Ultimate Smoke Guide for Train – you can check it out here!

If you have any questions, suggestion or even feedback, you can get in contact with me through Twitter. Thank you for reading!

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