Boosting on Inferno – A Comprehensive Guide



Sat 6th Jul 2019 - 12:46pm

Note: This article is part of a continuing series that aims to cover every map of the competitive pool. This is part two, with the first one going over Dust2. You can check it out here. The first one covered the top 5 uncommon boosts on the map, but I decided to switch things up and actually cover all important boosts on each map.

In the second part of this guide, I’m going to cover the map that has easily given us, the viewers, the most enjoyable professional matches to watch, with very close series and intense overtimes: Inferno. Going back in history, the layout has stayed pretty much the same throughout all these years, with very few changes to its details and spots, apart from A apartments, which is now really different from what it used to be.

Inferno has a very distinctive layout, with two middle lanes, an A bombsite with three entrances (Arches, Short and Balcony), each with its own characteristics and a B bombsite that’s known for having only one entrance (unless somehow the Terrorists are able to flank from CT Spawn), making it one of the hardest bombsites to gain control, and consequently, one of the easiest to defend. It is, though, a rather weak map when talking about useful or uncommon boosts. Nevertheless, it still has some very interesting ones that can be rather interesting in specific situations. As a side note, I’ll only cover boosts that are practical, not those really hard to pull off that are very situational and have no real use in a match. Let’s talk about them.

We’ll start on the A bombsite side of the map:

Roof Boost

This is one of the easiest to pull off on the CT side, with enough time to do it every round unless your opponent’s rush Mid – remember to use utility to avoid being surprised, such as an Incendiary or a Smoke Grenade. This can be a rather powerful boost, especially on lower tiered matches, as most players won’t be expecting it and allows you to watch Long above the Smoke they should be throwing to Short. Be careful with Flashbangs and the Wall Bang from apartments, as those can easily catch you off-guard.

Extra tip: You can jump to the adjacent balcony and be extra ninja, although you won’t be able to see enemies crossing to Long.


Boxes Lookout to Apartments

This is not exactly a boost, as you can get there alone, but is still rather useful, so I decided to include it in here. You can hold Apartments exit to Balcony on a rather odd angle that players won’t be expecting most of the time, with only your head appearing, while you’re able to see the opponent's body on its entirety. Players with good aim and an AK will be able to counteract that position rather easily, so use it with care.

We’ll follow with the B bombsite boosts:

Flowers Boost

This boost is so common that players call it just that - “boost” - and automatically everyone knows what place is being referred. Still, albeit being so common, it’s commonly overlooked due to the rather chaotic bombsite entrance. Remember to run away from there as fast as possible as soon as you get a kill or two, as you will be instantly spammed back in the hopes of getting a trade frag. It’s also a very good boost to use after the opposing team gets control of the bombsite, as they will most likely not expecting someone to boost up there again. Obviously, you can only use it if CT is smoked, preferably by the opposing team.

Boost in the Corner of the Bombsite

This is easily the most powerful boost of the B bombsite, but it is so rarely seen that I have to give credits to OFFSET Esports for being the first team I’ve seen using it. When defending the Bombsite, and your opponent’s have Top Banana control, you can use this boost to look above the defending smoke, from a very unusual spot.

This one is easier to explain with pictures:

Back of Bombsite – Dark and Triple

These are two of the most common spots to defend the bombsite, and both of them have a boost ready to be used.

In Dark, you can get a really good view to the Terrorist side entrance, while they can only spot a few pixels of your head. But have in mind that if the opponents throw a Molotov to you, you may have a rather hard time coming out safely. So always make sure you kill the player with utility on his hand first.

In Triple, you can stay there alone, only needing the boost up from your teammate. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll get a kill there, but after dropping out you need a teammate to help you, otherwise you won’t be able to escape with your life.

Banana to Coffins

This one only makes sense if you’re smoked out in Banana. It’s very common to find an opponent looking at the possible smoke push from Coffins, which makes this one a very good one to use generally. After fully cleaning Top Banana (or old Car) and making sure there are no gaps in the smoke, just boost on the corner of the sandbags, like shown in the images below:

Banana Lookout

There are a few boosts on Banana that allow you to look over the small corner wall, but most of them put you on a vulnerable position, as the enemies will instantly know where you are. If you do it far back, you are taking less of a risk in exchange for a smaller view – if you’re good enough with your weapon that won’t be a problem.

Set up with your teammate in the corner of the wall and hop into his shoulders. While you watch above the wall for any incoming enemies, your teammate should be covering the push. Ideally, Banana should be smoked out, making life harder for the opposing team.

As most boosts, it should only be used for one or two kills at most, as you be found out rather easily as soon as the first bullets are fired.

As with every article in this series, I’ll leave some very important tips: You should definitely take your time and practice these in private servers with your friends and/or teammates, as these will be much more useful if you’re able to execute them fast and as silently as possible. Remember to also make sure to have your teammates checking the angles you might be exposed to, as not doing it can easily offer a free kill to the opposing team – and that’s exactly the opposite goal of your boost. Communicating and saying exactly what spots you’re watching and what spots you want your mates to watch is the way to go! CS:GO is a team game and you should play it as one.

Remember to check back on our website to read the next article in the series as soon as it is released! If you have any questions or suggestion, you can reach me via Twitter!