Plant Killers - An Incendiary and HE Guide



Fri 30th Nov 2018 - 12:45pm

On the CT side, it is all about stalling for time and increasing the pressure on the opposing forces before the bomb gets planted, making sure that the responsibility to act lies on the Ts and that they are under enough pressure to crumble. I've already shown you how you can use your utility to retake, but how do we increase the pressure before the plant, even after losing the site itself? With the precise use of incendiary and HE grenades, we can make sure that, even after the Ts think that they are now turning this round favourable for them, they get surprised once more by your wide knowledge of line-ups.

For this, I went through all of the active duty maps and looked for incendiary line-ups that only need easy and small adjustments to deal 30-50 HP of damage with the use of an HE and although this wasn't possible with all of the useful line-ups, it still allows for you to minimise your time needed to learn these line-ups for the incendiaries and HEs available. If you do not see me mention or show the HE line-up in the embedded video, the line-up would need some serious adjustments to be able to throw an HE and therefore isn't included in this article.

Dust 2 A: Default (Long Plat Plant)

Stand in Elevator and aim into the small, protruding edge of the curbstone-esque top of the wall of A and runthrow to have the incendiary bounce into A-Site, covering all of the possible Long plants on the A-Site and not allowing the Ts to get the plant down. Use the same line-up with an HE to inflict 40-50 damage on the planting enemy!

Although you can be exposed to a T on Long if there is no more smoke in CT, by throwing this incendiary you make sure that the Ts can't plant for Long, a plant that is especially strong if a T is waiting in Long with an AWP. By preventing this disadvantage, you heighten the chances of your Team to win by either completely denying the plant for Long since the Ts maybe can't wait any longer due to time or by making the Ts plant Short/Safe, giving you the advantage by not needing to find the player on Long.

Dust 2 A: Default (Long Plat Plant)

Stand on the steps in Short by lining up the right edge of the red sign in front of Goose with the wall to your right and runthrow while aiming inside the palm tree leaf. An HE won't reach its destination effectively without you stepping out of cover.

If you find yourself as a Short player that is now boxed in because you have lost Long and no one is in Elevator to throw the incendiary, you can just use this line-up to safely and easily set ablaze A-Site, not allowing the Default Long Plat plant to go through, pushing the Ts closer to defeat.

Mirage A: CT and Main Plant

Crouch in the corner of Stairs and aim at the dirt on the wall of A (as seen in the video below), before pressing both mouse buttons. Once you've done that, let go of the right mouse button before also letting go of the left mouse button, making the incendiary fly just far enough to reach the CT/Main plant position. To inflict a good 30 damage, use the same line-up with an HE. Due to the need of using both mouse buttons, I'd advise you to practice this line-up a few times before using it.

Since this line-up is basically "aim straight and above the edge of the stairs in front of you", you will also be able to use this line-up rather precisely even with a smoke on top of Stairs after using it for a few weeks, giving you no trouble denying the planned plant of the Ts even during a well-thought-out execute by the opposing side.

Mirage A: Safe Plant

Position yourself in front of the dot of dirt in the texture of the wall in Jungle and aim to the right of the bottom right of the window in the wall above Ninja before shiftwalk-throwing. Use the exact same line-up to inflict around 40 or even 50 damage on the planting enemy, securing the kill on a hit enemy.

Since you have to aim above the height of a potential smoke in Jungle, you can line this grenade up basically every round there is an execute on A, making sure that the players jumping out of Palace take damage and that they can't plant safely for another five seconds. Just be sure that there is no CT around that area, since the mollied position is pretty popular for holding off an A take from inside A.

Mirage A: Safe Plant (2)

Position yourself in front of the white line between the bricks in CT and aim above the small rocket silos in front of you on the slanted part of the wall of A, before running just a bit before letting go of mouse1. Since the travel time is rather long, an HE would only do about 20 damage to a planter, not really making it to its intended destination, which makes it not worth it for me to include it in this article.

It is always good to know multiple line-ups for a crucial position on the map, making you more versatile in your playable positions and the utility you can deploy from them. By disallowing the plant in the safe plant spot, you are delaying for more time to pass or for them to waste a smoke worth $300 that they could've used in the afterplant to hold off your retake.

Mirage B: Default

Stand right at the two empty shelves at the back side of Kitchen and position yourself slightly left of centre (looking at the shelves) before turning around and placing your crosshair to the right of the left edge of the window frame and on the green cloth on top of B.

Use this line-up to deny the Default (Apps) plant and to buy even more time for your teammates to set up. If you do not have an incendiary on hand or you know that the bomb carrier is low, you can also use this line-up with an HE to inflict a hefty chunk of damage on the planter, too, likely killing him if he has already had a fight in the round.

Overpass A: Default (Mid Plant)

To use this line-up, stand right at the second last vertical bar in the railing on the stairs in CT/Underground and aim just below the left end of the dirt stain in the texture of the wall towards A and tap the right mouse button before letting go of the left mouse button, shortening the amount of way the incendiary will travel before hitting ground and allowing you to set ablaze the Default plant or to inflict a good 30 HP of damage with an HE on the planter.

Since you will need to figure out how long to hold the right mouse button, you should jump into an offline map and practice this line-up a bunch of times before thinking of using it in a competitive match. If you are successful, you will soon see how effective this incendiary is at denying the plant, giving you back the advantage in a round where you would be about to lose it to your enemies.

Overpass A: Truck Plant

To use this simple line-up with either an incendiary or an HE grenade, stand in the corner of CT/Underground and aim above and to the left of the muffler of the truck. You do not need to do any of the complicated medium throws for this throw, making this one simple, fast, and easy to remember. If you hit the target planting on the Truck or the HE bounces off the truck and explodes right at the players planting behind Truck, you will inflict around 50 damage to your enemy.

Since you can't find this line-up with visual cues that won't be blocked by a smoke on Green, I'd advise you to try this line-up out with a smoke placed at Green, preparing you for the worst case of needing to deploy this incendiary or HE with a smoke in your face. If you are successful, you will bring great value to your team as you push the Ts closer to losing the round.

Overpass B: Default

Walk up to the vertical bar of the railing on the stairs in Heaven and aim at the lamp above B to have the incendiary land perfectly on Default. If the Ts use a smoke onsite to block off Water, you can aim more to the right and let the incendiary hit the top of the wooden panels that give the Ts cover, still giving you a good chance to hit the Default plant with the flames. An HE would not reach its intended destination.

Buying time on B on Overpass may be one of the most important things on Overpass if you can't successfully hold the Ts away from B. Do this by denying the plant and give your Teammates five more seconds to get into a good afterplant position to successfully retake the Bombsite once the time is right. Since you will need to rely on the lamp in the background for this line-up, you can try to see if you can throw this incendiary blindly through a smoke, too.

Overpass B: Default (2)

Stand in the corner of the non-functioning door in Jungle and find the darker blue-ish spot on the texture of the wall in Jungle, as shown in the video, and aim below the right end of it before jumpthrowing your incendiary to have it bounce off the Pillar in B, landing perfectly on Default.

Once you get the line-up down, this incendiary will be a bit more reliable than the Heaven version, since your view won't get blocked by a smoke. Also, this inendiary does not land in a way that would get extinguished by the most popular Water smokes on B. Just be sure that you actually know the line-up before using it in-game, since you will run risk of setting yourself on fire if you throw it incorrectly.

Cache A: Default + Safe Plant

Stand in Truck and place yourself in front of the black part of the truck (in Truck) and place your crosshair on the two cables crossing in the air above the A bombsite before simply using mouse1 to throw your incendiary.

One of the most commonly used line-ups in this guide, you will thank yourself for learning this one. By setting fire to the A-Main (Default) and Safe plant, you essentially stall the entire progress of the round for the Ts, buying valuable time for you and your teammates in this round. Just be sure that you practice this line-up a bit, since moving around the truck is kind of tricky on some parts. An HE would explode in the air and barely touch anyone planting, so it's not worth it.

Cache B: B-Main and Safe Plant

For the B-Main and Safe line-up you will need to stand on top of the cardboard boxes below the top level of Heaven and aim at the "B" at the back of B site, lining up the right end of the "B" with the edge of the right side of the door frame in Heaven. To set the B-Main plant on fire, all you need to do is throw while aiming at the B. If you want to molly off the Safe plant, you will need to walk back a bit and runthrow while aiming at the "B". To nade both positions with your HE, you will need to use the B-Main line-up.

You will be prepared for every play style: Do you think the enemies will plant for B-Main? Molly it off. Do you think that they will play it safe? Deny that as well and make them crumble under the pressure mounted by your team. If you choose to use your HE, keep in mind that, due to how nades work in CS:GO, the planter in the B-Main plant position will not get hit when crouched since he will be protected by the box to his left.

Train A: Default

Stand centralized in front of the closed window in Connector and aim at the lower part of the left pipe above you before runthrowing your incendiary or HE grenade, depending on if you want to deny the plant or if you want to inflict damage and potentially deny the plant.

Since your view cannot get blocked enough to deny you this line-up with a normal Connector smoke, you can use this line-up whenever you get smoked off in Connector, keeping the impact up that you have on the current round even when you currently can't take a favourable fight.

Train B: Default

Stand at the edge of Connector towards B, place your crosshair at the lower edge of the metal bar above Default, and throw your incendiary. To land the HE better than I did in the video, simply walk back a few feet and walkthrow with your crosshair below the bar that you used for the incendiary, which will land with 40 or more damage on the planter.

Especially on B, it is important to delay the plant, since the Terrorist plan on B normally boils down to "explode, plant fast, and deny the defuse with a molotov." The longer you draw out the plant and the more time you give your teammates in such a situation, the less likely the Ts are to succeed, since you will pick them off one by one and they'll have to use their molotovs from Heaven way earlier than they expected, leaving you more time to close out the round.

Train B: Default (2)

Stand on the platform of Spools and position yourself in front of the white line in the brickwork on the wall to the left before aiming your crosshair at the same bar you used when throwing the same incendiary from Connector. To use the HE to inflict serious damage, aim at the edge of the platform in front of you and simply throw, taking 35+ HP off the planter.

The same that goes for the first Default line-up counts for this one, too: Delay the plant for as long as possible. If you know that the planter is low, using an HE would be preferable in most situations, though, since you can kill him instead of just deny him the plant.

Nuke A: Default

Stand in the corner of the yellow pillar in Heaven and aim at the fourth light line in the wall texture to your right, counting from the yellow pillar towards A. Now aim at the level of the second set of screws in the wall to set fire to Default. If you want to nade instead, simply aim lower at around waist height.

A lot of teams like to get out of Hut and ignore Main for the time being, focusing on the plant in Default and either mollying off Heaven or aiming at Heaven in order to not to allow you to peek and get a kill on the planter, which is exactly where this line-up comes in. You will surprise your enemies by throwing this quick and easy line-up, most likely delaying for time and increasing the pressure on the Ts.

Nuke A: Main plant

Stand in front of the E-box in Heaven and aim at the top of the fourth window in the middle window-panel. Now runthrow and let go of mouse1. To get the gist of this line-up, I'd advise you to go into an offline match and practice this one, since you need to get the amount of running just right for it to be most effective. The same counts for the HE nade, which you will throw by aiming below the window that you used for the incendiary.

This line-up allows you to deny the Main plant from Heaven, making the round take an unexpected turn for the Ts and allowing your team to properly bunch up and prepare the retake. Be sure to remember that, for a brief moment, your head will be visible to someone holding Heaven from the Blue Box, for example, which makes this one a bit risky in certain situations. 

Inferno B: Banana Plant (both)

Stand in the corner of the slightly elevated platform in front of Construction and aim at the top left of the protruding brick on the right edge of the building in front of you and jumpthrow.

This incendiary will land perfectly to cover both most popular plant spots for Banana, the most frequently used ones on B in general, and allow for you to regroup and take on the Ts whenever you are ready. As pointed at in the video, you will need to have a smoke at Coffins in order to throw this smoke safely, since people could just rush you otherwise. That should, however, not be a problem since people almost always smoke off CT and Coffins on Inferno when they take B.

Do you want to let us know about the round you won due to these line-ups? Feel free to join our #Digscord and share your experience with us!

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