A Guide To Fast Plays and Executes



Mon 14th May 2018 - 6:21pm

Counter-Strike is a game of timings and calls made by your IGL. When on the Terrorist side, it's very important to have the right basic notions in play so that you can maximise the number of rounds you get before changing sides or, in case you started the game as CT, finishing it.

The Terrorist side will normally be the side where your IGL will do most of the work. Being such an active side of the picture and an important piece of the puzzle, his function is to call every round what your team is supposed to be doing, make the mid-round calls and, most importantly, take full advantage of the information your team has on the Counter-Terrorists. Taking a special look at this last one, sometimes the call you make at the beginning of the round can completely change based on the information your team picked up during the round, based on the money you think the other side has, or based in some entry frag you got early round, and here is where the call to do a fast play or an execute comes into play.

Fast Plays

Calling the so-called rush, but in more fancy terms, fast play, can have some advantages and can also, in many cases, make sense.

One of the first rounds where calling a fast play makes sense is when the CT side is taking their first buy round, assuming that the Terrorists won the pistol round. This round is very good for a fast play call because you can safely assume the CTs won't have any kind of money to do a full buy. They won't have the nades to hold choke points and, due to that, they are yours to take full advantage of and take the trades necessary to claim the bombsite as yours. This is also a good round to make this call because your team will most likely not be fully equipped with AK-47s or AWPs, due to the second round where the team most likely bought SMG to farm money and, because of the low range and damage of an SMGs, a fast play will make sense because you will be taking close-range fights with the enemy and that's the best outcome a gun like the UMP could ask for.

A second good timing to make a fast play call is after getting a pick or two on a site in the early round. The important note here is that it has to be a pick of someone playing on the bombsite and not someone who pushed mid or got picked flanking, because, if you get a pick on mid it just means that you can abuse mid and in that situation you should take control and look for your options. When you get a pick on a bombsite, whether it be because of some heroic play or some set-up popflash, this will cause the CTs to rotate and take new positions, and when they are moving and not holding the correct angles is the perfect time for you to push the site and take the trades needed. This will of course be very situational, as you can't expect your entry fragger or someone in your team to get a pick like that easily but, if it happens, it would definitely make sense to call the fast play and get the trades.

The third time you can call a fast play is when you actually have a specific execute for it. With this I mean that your team has some kind of play where it's most likely spawn based and heavily dependent on the fast pace of it together with all the smokes, flashes, and molotovs. This can be called at any time of the game as it will catch the enemy team off-guard because the defensive team is always expecting some kind of default by the Terrorist side where they play slow and try to get picks into the round. Again, being such a fast-paced and risky tactic, you have to put everything you can in your favor, and that's why it's most of the time based on spawn positions, in order to abuse the time that it takes for you to reach the bombsite and sneak on when the CTs are out of position or standing with the nades in their hand instead of their weapons.

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Calling an execute requires a lot more from a team, since you can't do this with five random people on your side, with people that have no knowledge of the execute you want to make, or the nades that are in play for that execute and it's timing. Doing an execute doesn't ask for a pick on the enemy team or a specific round. Since you have 15 rounds to play as Terrorist, there are a lot of rounds where calling one would make sense, since it's the round where you would have the highest rate of success, as long as it's a well-planed one.

One good round to call an execute, and where most teams don't, is when you know the other team is doing an eco. This means that they will only have pistols and probably no armor in play. This is the perfect round to call an execute because with the molotov you are able to cut the close-range pistols of the game, eliminating all the spots that one CT could be just waiting to one-shot you in the head. After having the molotvs in play with additional smokes, you've already cut the bombsite in half so that you have full control of it to plant the bomb and take the best after-plant positions, reducing the chances of the CT-side winning the round to almost none. Most teams, specially semi-professional ones or teams that are only starting, will look at the eco round as an easy round to stack some kills and take that round as easily as possible. Unfortunately, this can very easily not happen because all it takes is for one player to be caught peeking alone and die, giving the CTs a one man advantage, a gun, and control of some part of the map where he was peaking.

A second good timing to call an execute is when your team has full mid control or control of some large part of the map. For this to happen, you would probably have to take some fights and get some trades, so we shouldn't be looking at a five versus five execute and you would have a cut in the nades. But the reason this is one good round to call an execute is because of the control you have. Having that much control will give you even more doors for you to abuse and enter a bombsite, will let you easily decide which site you prefer to attack, and most importantly, would divide the CTs since they would have to compensate for the players that died before and will make them take more defensive angles and, in some cases, give up the bombsite, since they don't have the players to hold on an execute and would just play retake on it.

This last play is something that you always have to consider when making a call against a hurt CT side, because sometimes, the IGL that is playing on the other side will adjust and can even call for a stack on the bomb-site, which means that, all of the remaining players will be in one side of the map, leaving the other one open for retake, or could call for every player to take defensive positions, in order for them to not die and just take information, and then make the retake happen together.

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With one minute and fifty-five seconds to play into the round, a whole lot can happen. You can never forget that in the other side of the map is also a team with an IGL calling the shots, and making the right adjustments to defend against you and your team and with that, you will obviously lose some rounds, where you can even assume you made the right call.

That's the fun of the game. Every round is different from the other and you can never, without a doubt, assume that you're going to win the round, but with the right call, under different circumstances, you can always put that round in favor of your team, and that will come with experience as a team, with experience from the in game leader, and experience from the players. While you're making executes or fast plays, the other team is adjusting and reading you and that's why getting a 15-0 Terrorist side will not happen a lot of times in your career but, with the right calls, you will surely make it into one successful side.

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