How to Defend A Site Inferno - Incorporating Your Style



Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 7:00pm

There are many ways to play CS and everyone has their own style. This guide will outline the two most common styles, passive and aggressive. Hopefully this guide will help you apply your style to defending Inferno's A bombsite and better your game. Read on!

Firstly, when defending a bombsite in CS, treat it like batting in baseball. You scope out the feel of the pitcher on the first pitch and then adapt from there. Inferno is one of the most played maps in the pool today, and as such it is a perfect example here. A-site on Inferno lends itself to a plethora of different playstyles, mainly because of just how many different places you can defend the site from. In this article, I will talk about four places on site. 


Arches is very open and as such you can play it in a multitude of ways. For instance, if you are looking to play Arches passively. You can sit in the cubby hole and wait to hear either footsteps from Middle or see the enemy advance up through Arches towards Library. The problem here is that it will be checked as it is very common. However, it can also be very powerful and it only requires you to have a couple of flashes, a molotov, or a smoke.

If you would however like to play Arches more aggressively, you can go for a cheeky peek down middle at the beginning of the round, and then fall back and smoke it off. However, you could also just hold the angle, take the fight, and hope to win the aim duel, then smoke it off. You could jiggle peek the corner and wait to see someone pre-aim you and then throw a molotov or grenade and quickly back off to the actual arch.

In both of these scenarios, it is open to how you want to play it and incorporating of different nadesets.

Graveyard, Pit, and Porch

Graveyard and Pit are two very powerful positions however, they both have their own drawbacks. Since they are mostly dealing with the same area to defend, the way you go about defending them does not change all that much. You can wait for your Arch player to give you some info and then smoke or molotov off the enemy's path, get behind some cover, and go for the fight. Keep repeeking until you get a kill or your teammates can come to support you.

Porch is the alternative to Graveyard's and Pit’s relatively passive playstyle. Here you are getting into the enemy's face quickly, but great risk can come with great reward. There are multiple ways you can be stealthy and smart about playing Porch. One of these is to boost on top of porch and wait for the enemies to come up Middle or out of Boiler and try to just spray them down. If you cannot get the spray down, you will die. Again, great risk can come with great reward. Either than that, you can play under Porch and wiggle around the pillars. This is good because you are able to use more utility a lot more easily. This is a bigger risk but gives you a lesser reward.


You can defend from on-site. However, I believe this is only really viable after your teammates have died and you are the only one left. You will be a little more vulnerable here. You can also defend from Small Pit and then you have to contend with Apartments so it is up to you to decide which you are more comfortable with. If you intend to defend on the site, then you can hold from the back right corner and try to get picks as they run up lane or wrap around from Arches. Besides this, if you have utility you can be even more careful on site and use a smoke to eliminate an access point to give you a better chance at winning the round or buying time. Just like playing on-site, if you plan to play Small Pit, I would recommend doing this in the late round, mainly because you cannot actually keep an eye on a lot of area if you are here. Besides this you can always use a smoke or molotov to keep enemies off the site or stay hidden and try to stop the plant from this position.


We finally come to the apartments. There are three different main ways to defend this area. They all have varying levels of risk associated with them and I will now go through them in terms of lowest risk to highest risk. First, you can play from Balcony.

Here you can listen for footsteps and then put down a smoke early. This allows you to either stay on Balcony and try to kill the Terrorists as they come out of the smoke, or you can always back off into Pit and then watch both Lane and Apartments. Secondly, you can play inside Apartments by the door to Balcony. Here you have a good view of the entrance from alternative Middle and Lane if need be. Lastly, you can move a little closer and guard Apartments from Boiler. This lets you keep a guard on Lane and watch Apartments without being overexposed. However, this area keeps you open from the Bedroom in Apartments or Middle if you get rushed from both areas.


Overall, it comes down to experimenting and finding what works for you. You have to find the best way to implement them into your game. I hope this gave you an idea of how to do that. It's all about doing the most you can to protect the bombsite while being safe and conserved in the ways you interact with the enemy. As seen there is a lot of flex in this area. You can be aggressive or passive and thats what makes Counter-Strike such an amazing game to watch and play. Good Luck! Have Fun!

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