Top 5 Defensive Boosts on Cache



Thu 4th Jan 2018 - 8:16pm

Cache is a staple map of the CS:GO Map pool, so knowing how to effectively boost in order to aid your defensive is of huge importance. Here are our top 5 defensive boosts on Cache!

This first boost will help you to hold Highway, but from an angle that also allows you to peak A Main and the cross onto A Site from Truck. Simply get your teammate to crouch behind the boxes at Quad, jump on their head, and jump again until you're both in a fully standing position. This can be used as a CT to prevent enemies rushing onto A Site, or as a Terrorist in a post-plant situation.

The second boost also concerns A Site, and although more commonly used for CTs to hold A Site before a Terrorist push, it can also be used on T Side if you anticipate enemies coming from A Main. First, you will need to smoke off A Main so that enemy players cannot see you boosting up to this area of the site. Simply get your teammate to stand on the lowest box, crouching down so that you can easily jump on top of their head. After jumping up, turn to and jump up to the box to your left. This will not only give you vision of the enemy players pushing out of A Main, but also of Highway, as well as an off-angle to any enemies who decided to push out of Squeaky.

However, you can also use this boost to hold above Squeaky Door by simply standing on the light on the wall above it, as shown below. Although this space is very open, and you may get pushed from other angles, sometimes it pays to take risks, as you may be rewarded if the enemies decide to push out of Squeaky quickly.


Another boost spot that is useful when being aggressive as a CT is counter-boosting over Boost in Mid. It is useful to smoke off Mid Garage in order to safely boost in this spot, as this can prevent enemy players from pushing up too far, as well as preventing them seeing you whilst crossing over to this area of Mid. Simply have your teammate crouch by Boost, and jump on top of their head. Jump once more as your teammate stands upright, and you will be able to jump over onto Boost, either staying in this position waiting for enemies, or dropping down and playing more aggressively around the back of A Main and Mid.

This next boost allows you to peek through the window at the edge of B Site into Sun Room, catching any enemies standing in this position off-guard. Firstly get up onto the boxes in front of B Site, and then jump onto the slightly taller boxes in the back left corner of the bomb site, as shown below. Make sure your teammate is crouching, and simply jump on top. After you are both fully standing, you will have vision into Sun Room, allowing you to peek aggressively and catch out any enemies holding B Halls from this area of the map.

This final boost will allow you to hold the bomb site from an angle enemies may not expect, whether holding as a CT, or as a T in a post-plant situation. Get your teammate to crouch behind the boxes at the front of B Site, making sure they’re standing on the metal strip around the edge of the bomb site, as shown below. Then jump on their head, stand up, and you will be able to peek into B Main without totally exposing yourself. At the same time, your teammate will be able to hold Checkers, meaning you will have more control if enemies decide to push through Vents. If enemies decide to push onto B Site, you are easily able to fall back into cover, behind the boxes or into Headshot.

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 defensive boosts on Cache! If you found this helpful, make sure to check out our other guide to defensive boosting on Inferno.

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