Improving Your Aim: Not-So-Common Tips



Sun 19th Nov 2017 - 11:12am

Aim is one of those skills that can be easy to learn the basics, but hard to master. In fact, it can be considered impossible to master it fully, since there are so many aspects that can influence it, whether it is an off-day or even a faulty mouse. I’m going to give you a few general tips that you can use or adjust to help your aim get to the next level.

Get a Stable Frame Rate

This one is, in my opinion, very important. You have probably heard of the saying “the more FPS you have the better”. Although I partially agree with that statement, having a stable frame rate is way more important. I would prefer to play with stable 45 frames per second than with 60 that jumps to 30 every time more actions occur on your screen. Those jumps in frames per second will make the game look choppy and will mess your aim harshly.

In conclusion, strive for those constant figures in your FPS counter. Lower your graphics settings, disable background processes in your computer that you will not need while playing CS:GO or even lower your resolution. Of course, it depends on the specifications of the machine you’re playing on, so every situation may vary. But remember, you should try to achieve as high FPS as possible while being able to maintain them constant at all times. Those are connected in a way, so if you have, let’s say, 200-250 FPS, they should be able to stay constant.

Play on Lower Graphics Settings

This is more of a gameplay improvement than aim, but what helps your gameplay will eventually help you aim-wise. It is also more of an opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

Playing on lower graphics will improve the game’s visibility. You won’t have those Shader effects or Smoke particles in the way while looking for that next head to pop. Some people dislike playing with shadows on low, because they’re afraid to not see the enemy's shadow. In my experience, this is something you should not be afraid of. Shadow settings do not disable characters' shadows – at most, it only lowers their rendering quality, but they will always be visible. It has the most impact on scenery shadows.

While I do recommend playing on Low Settings, Anti-Aliasing is something you must experiment on yourself. Yes, it will have an impact on your FPS, but if your computer can handle it, try it. Your game graphics will be smother (edges and corners) and will make enemies easier to spot on long range engagements.

Get Good Equipment (Mouse and Mousepad)

Your mouse is your weapon. You wouldn’t want to go to war with a low quality or faulty weapon, right? You should fell the same way about your mouse. The most important part about mice are the sensors. A good sensor will be much more precise, transmitting the data of your movements to your game exactly as they were, after taking the sensitivity in consideration.

There are also mice with different shapes, forms and weights. You should find yourself one that you feel comfortable with. Avoid using one brand just because your favourite player uses it. Remember that they might have bigger/smaller hands than you, making their perfect mouse uncomfortable to you.

For a sensor to work right, you also need a good surface. Having your mouse directly in contact with the table is a big don’t. Invest in a good mousepad. Although it is personal preference, a bigger one is what I recommend. A big and good mousepad will give you a comfortable space to work with and an amazing feedback to your movement and mouse’s sensor. There are several types of pads. Just get to your local store and decide what is best for you: a hard pad or a cloth one.

60hz vs 120/144/240hz

If you follow competitive gaming or technology, you probably have already heard about high refresh rate monitors and how good they are. If not, they are basically monitors that are able to display more than 60 FPS, making the game feel a lot smoother. If a monitor has 60hz, it can only display 60 FPS. If it has 144hz, it can display 144 FPS. And so forth.

Some people debate on whether they make a difference or not or even if you see/feel any difference at all. From personal experience, it is like night and day. Once you get a high refresh rate monitor, you simply can’t go back. It makes 60 FPS gameplay seem choppy.

Regarding aim, how can this technology help you get better? I told you before that a stable frame rate is important to your aim because of the fluidity of the game and how it can make your mouse movements seem more responsive. Now imagine with an even smoother experience. Those satisfying snaps will become easier because you can keep track of your opponents more easily during those fast movement seconds.

Just think if it is really worth the investment, because an investment like that is going to hurt your wallet.

The Classic Tip: Deathmatch and Bots

So far, all the tips have been about things other than the most important: playing. You won’t get better if you don’t invest time into practising on the field. Although the more you play, the better you will get, I don’t consider playing Matchmaking or PUGs good for improving your aim. In those games, you’re focused in the game, striving to get your team the win. When you’re playing, you’re not really focusing on your aim and the movements you do with your mouse. You just do them naturally – that is muscle memory. And that only comes with hours and hours of practice.

Bots are a good start to a session. Call it a warm-up. You can find many bot maps configured for these kinds of sessions. Some of them have easy to change settings, allowing immense versatility. But even the best bots in the world can’t recreate the movement of a good player and that is where you will get the most out of your training.

Get on Deathmatch, aim maps or even arenas. All of them are amazing to train your aim – each one with a different goal. In Deathmatch, you’re focusing on your aim as well in improving your reactions and snaps. In aim maps, you practice that raw aim which will eventually, without you even noticing, allowing it to become muscle memory. In arenas, you will find a good mix between out-aiming and outsmarting your opponent – both of which are super important assets to have in Counter Strike.

There is not a secret recipe that will make you an amazing aimer. You can have the talent and that will only get you so far if you don’t invest in practice. You will also have “off-days” where your aim seems shaky and you seem unable to hit shots that you would any other day of the week. Don’t give up. Keep practicing and you will eventually reach that level where your consistency will be on point.

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