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Sat 4th Nov 2017 - 9:24am

With a total of 4827 matches played, Inferno is among the most played maps in the current competitive map pool and has yielded us so many rivalries and intense moments. Who can forget Happy's insane deagle ace vs Astralis (then Team Solo Mid) and NiP vs Fnatic at Cologne 2014. This breakdown will go through an A-site execute by G2 Esports, in the DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 Quarter-Final vs SK Gaming, a tournament they went on to win. We will be starting with a rundown of the execute before moving on towards the utility line-ups and the routes taken by each player.

The round starts with kennyS holding Banana with the AWP while bodyy throws a molotov to prevent the Counter-Terrorists from being aggressive. NBK throws a flashbang Middle and holds from Underground and is backed up by bodyy once he has thrown the molotov. In the meanwhile, shox and apEX holds Second Mid but does not enter Apartments before the execute. ApEX throws a HE-Grenade in B-Apps to prevent Counter-Terrorist aggression. KennyS leaves Banana and moves to Second Mid to throw his smoke Arch to bait out any utility from the CT players at A. 

During this time, shox moves through Underground and throws a flashbang towards Top of Banana to keep pressure and bait out further utility from the B-site players. After throwing the flash, shox moves back to Second Mid and refreshes the same Arch smoke that kennyS threw earlier, which is the catalyst of the execute. After throwing the smoke, shox moves up Apartments and clears it on his own. Three smokes are thrown from Middle together with some key popflashes by apEX, bodyy and NBK that will fly over the A-site, splitting it up in half and isolates Pit, which is what this execute is about. 

After the utility is thrown, apEX and bodyy pushes up Middle with NBK and kennyS just behind them. After clearing Short, NBK pushes through the Arch smoke to player the lurker role and kill or be a nuisance to any CT players rotating from B through Arch or Library. At the same time, bodyy, apEX and kennyS moves up short and takes the site after given information from shox that no one was playing Pit and that he had spotted one playing Graveyard. Given this information, apEX and bodyy pushes up to the Site through the smoke in order to catch the Graveyard player off-guard.

The utilities thrown during the execute will consist of four smokes and four flashes.

Before going into the specific line-ups and routes taken by the players, I suggest you take a look at the following VOD from DreamHack Counter-Strike to see the execute in action. 

Timestamp 59:29

Line-ups and follow-up routes

The first smoke thrown in the game is thrown by kennyS and is thrown from Second Mid to Arch with the purpose of baiting out grenades from the CT players currently on A and is thrown before the execute goes down. To throw this smoke, move yourself into the corner as shown below, put your crosshair on the edge of the roof, just on top of the first line of flowers and simply left-click throw. After throwing the smoke, go towards the stairs in Second Mid and hold off any CT aggression into B-Apps and when the execute is to begin, move towards Middle and throw 2 flashbangs over the roof onto A-site to blind the CTs.

The next and first smoke in the execute is thrown by shox and is thrown the same way as pictured above. After throwing the smoke, move up into B-Apps and move towards Balcony but do not overextend. Take simple peeks and potshots to gain information for your teammates pushing up Short towards A-site. You can use your molotov if you have one to clear out Pit for your teammates, forcing any CT players to move out of it and into the crosshairs of your teammates.

The second smoke is thrown by NBK and will land between Graveyard and Default. To throw this smoke put yourself in the corner of Underground, place your crosshair and line it up just underneath the top of the roof and the wooden bar on the wall in front of you and jump throw. After throwing the smoke, throw a pop flash up Middle, as pictured below the smoke line-up and push up Middle to Arch and try to pick off any CT players rotating from B-site through Arch or Library.

The third smoke is thrown by apEX and will land on Site, blocking off any vision from Site or Library, allowing the Ts to push short without any problem. To throw this smoke, place your crosshair in the gap between the stones by Bench and turn around, lining your crosshair up with the second line on the antenna and the top of the right-most roof tile on the roof in front of you. Walk forward and release when your crosshair hits the roof tile. After throwing this smoke, throw a regular flash up Middle to make any enemies currently holding Short to turn away from it, allowing your teammates popflash to blind them once they turn around. Push up Middle and clear Boiler and Short and push up to A-site and clear it.

The fourth and final smoke of the execute is thrown by bodyy from Underground, next to NBK and will land close Graveyard, completing the Pit isolation. To throw this smoke, line the middle of the right-most shutter on the balcony in Middle with the roof, to the left and line up with the wooden bar, as pictured below. After throwing this smoke, push up Middle and assist your teammate in clearing Short. After Short is cleared, push up to A-site and lock it down.

We hope you enjoyed our breakdown and guide of G2's Pit isolation execute. Join us next time as we go through other executes focusing on Cobblestone

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