Six Tips To Help You Clutch



Fri 29th Sep 2017 - 10:14am

Clutching is an extremely important part of CS:GO. Everybody recognizes this, but not everybody knows the general know how of clutching. The ability to turn lost rounds into wins is extremely valuable not only for the in-game score line and economy aspect, but also through the mental aspect. By winning a clutch, you not only gain a confidence boost your teammates who have been watching you will be more inclined to you and more hyped, leading to better teamwork.

In addition to this, clutches will often send other teams into tilt as they fathom how they lost a “winnable” round. Let’s be honest though - there will be some clutches that you lose. It is inevitable. Whether this is due to your/their aim, the sheer numbers game, the positioning of the CTs or timing, clutches are not always 100% winnable. So, this particular article will focus on maximizing your chance of clutching a 1vX scenario on the T side.


In general, there are two scenarios for clutching on T side. You either have the bomb or you don’t. If you don’t have the bomb, collect it as safely and quickly as possible. If they have the bomb, you will have to do some maneuvering and fantastic aiming in order to pick up the bomb once again. Try to take 1v1s and maximize your chance of picking up the bomb. Once you have the bomb, you can begin the art of clutching on T side, which requires both your skill and maybe a little luck. So without further ado, here are my important points for clutching in no particular order.

1. Round time

This seems obvious, but you must pay attention to the time you have left in the round as a T. The onus is on you to plant the bomb and if you wait too long, you could get into tricky situations such as having to commit to planting the bomb or rushing checking crucial off angles. By allowing yourself time, you can methodically check angles and use fake plants/rotations in order to lure CTs into your crosshairs.

Why are you in CT spawn with 46 seconds left? Get moving.

2. Information Gathering

Gather info from your teammates. Are your opponents low? This might change your angles and your style of clutching? Does he have a defuse kit? Their economy might have been weak. Where was he last? Use your sound clues. Is he trucking up Highway towards A on Cache? Try to pinpoint where the enemy is coming from. You can maybe kill a CT lurking in the back or cut off a rotator and double back. In addition to that, your utility usage and whether you decide to pull out your knife depends on where you think your enemies are positioned. Also, take into account your weapons. Do you have a pistol? Try to find the safest upgrade if you have time. Do you have a rifle, SMG, or AWP? This changes up what you can peek and your mobility. 

3. Utility

Quite often, I will see people just holding onto utility while clutching. This is literally the most frustrating thing to watch. Yes, if the timing is wrong and the opponent surprises you, you can be caught with a nade in hand. The gun is a safe bet to win you that fight in that case. But if you use the utility right and gather info like previously mentioned, it can assist you in clutching without taking so many straight up aim duels. For example, if they are Highway, smoke it off, molly it, or even flash it to buy you time for the bomb plant or the bomb timer. If you don’t have info, try to stay in cover and use your utility to help you. Pre-plant, use your utility to help you plant. Post-plant, use it to help you reposition, buy time, or take an aim duel you would not otherwise be comfortable taking. You don’t have to use all of your utility, just make sure you’re using it in a constructive manner.

Why do you buy utility if you don't use it???

4. Search for 1v1s.

Take 1v1s wherever you can get them. Spraying down multiple people usually only works if your opponents are either blind or you have somehow positioned yourself in an angle all of them have deemed unimportant to check. If you have people at opposite angles, try to shoot at one and if you don’t kill them, turn around and try to kill the person who might just try to run up on you. If you have people peeking the same angle, try to kill one and then fall back.

5. Positioning

Use info to position yourself. Try to reposition carefully, being mobile but also silent. It is crucial they don’t know where you are. Don’t expose yourself to two angles if you can help it. Off-angles are crucial to clutching and powerful late round as they are unpredictable. You can even mix up your positioning. Planting open on Cache and then hiding quad or forklift can throw people off.  Always know where your bomb is so even if he smokes it, you can spray when he tries to defuse.

6. Stop Crying! Don't Panic!

Use your trigger discipline and have a calm mindset. Oftentimes, people take too little time lining up their shot or pull their trigger on the first person that walks by them. Sometimes, there are multiple people coming from the same angle. If you kill the first one right away, the second one will know where you are and in all likelihood kill you. Relax and remind yourself that you have been reading this article to help prep you for this exact situation.

TL;DR: Gather info while keeping in mind the amount of time you have left, position yourself and use utility wisely according to the info, search for the 1v1s, and DON’T PANIC!

Clutching is a lot of concepts of CS:GO rolled into one and, just like all other aspects of the game, it requires you to repetitively drill the clutch mindset into your head. Just remember that each clutch is just more practice. If you lose one, it’s just a stepping stone for winning the next one. Good luck!

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