What Can You Do to Improve?



Wed 4th Oct 2017 - 10:40am

There are many ways in which you can improve as a player and some of them are listed in this article. Have a read, explore the methods, and watch yourself improve!


Deathmatch is an easy way to improve your aim as an individual player, as it allows for you to focus just on your aim and getting kills. It is always a good idea to jump into a deathmatch before joining a game. If you really want to improve as a player, then spending an hour in Deathmatch everyday will really help you out. I recommend using Deathmatch servers with 128 tick instead of the usual Valve 64 tick, as it really feels easier to hit the heads of your opponents on the server. It doesn't matter which server you use but, if you are searching through the in-game browser, find one with good ping that’s not full. You can join pistol Deathmatches or just simple rifle ones. Whatever you enjoy!


Retakes is a custom game-mode that you can find via searching the word “retake” in the in-game server browser. The purpose of Retakes is to allow you to practice retaking and holding off retakes. Retakes is like playing a competitive MM or an ESEA game but each round the scenario is either to retake the site (If you are on the CT side) or to hold off the incoming retake from the enemies (If you are on the T side). This is a really helpful game-mode to play. Personally, it has always made me feel warmed up for the game at hand and is definitely something I recommend trying if you have not done it before. This game mode is not featured like Deathmatch, so you will have to search for a server manually.


Aim Maps/Bot Maps

Aim maps (bot maps) are a really easy way to warmup and improve and you can find these by downloading them off the steam workshop for CS:GO. Aim maps are a calm environment and allow for you to just practice your aim without any problems that you might find on retake or Deathmatch servers. Putting some music on and spending around 30 minutes on one of these maps will help make you feel calm and relaxed, allowing you to put your full effort into a game when you join one. I recommend finding a pro’s favourite aim map and downloading that. You can find maps that time how long it takes you to kill a certain number of bots or just use the general aim maps that put you in a position and spawn bots for you to kill. It’s all about preference in these types of situations.


1v1 Servers

This is pretty self-explanatory but these types of servers are quite helpful in improving your raw aim. If you are not a big fan of a game mode like Deathmatch or if you feel like you are lacking in 1v1 scenarios, these servers are perfect. Again the servers are not Valve made ones and can only be found via the in-game server browser. I recommend staying on these for around 20-30 minutes every day or so. If you feel like you want something similar to a 1v1 server but it is too slow (in terms of respawn times etc.) then just use Deathmatch. It’s the best alternative for improving raw aim.

KZ (Jump Maps)

Movement is a very important part of CS:GO. To improve as a player, you need to be able to swiftly move around the maps. KZ also allows you to make those hard-self-boost jumps like the one from Mirage's Window onto Short. If you feel like you can move fluidly around the maps, it does make you more comfortable on said maps. I have no recommended time frame for these maps - they can be quite hard and KZ practice is not always helpful for everyone. However, I do advocate you try it at least once as you never know, it may be helpful. Not everyone can do the KZ jumps but if you want to improve at them, find someone on YouTube or Twitch who can show you how to make those harder jumps.

Learn Smokes

Learning smokes is incredibly useful and I cannot recommend it enough. While this will not make you a better aimer, it will make you a better team player. Certain smokes can make the difference in a game. Learning smokes is always such a rewarding experience as it allows you to become an important player in a game, especially if it is only an MM (Matchmaking) game or possibly a PUG (ESEA, FaceIt and CEVO). It's not always something fun to do but it does feel quite rewarding when you nail down a useful smoke. Have a look at some of the other blogs on the Team Dignitas website, as some extremely helpful smoke guides are available for your pleasure!


Watch the Pros

Watching professional players is such a great idea. Noting how they play or what they do in certain situations will really help you grow as a player. They are the best at what they do and learning from the best is fantastic. You don’t have to just watch the games when they are on stream or when they're put into a VOD. Download a demo and watch a team like SK Gaming play. It does not really matter what team you pick, just pick your favourite pro-team (like Team Dignitas) and watch their demos when they play.


Play the Game

Playing the game is a very broad and general term but every time you ask a professional player “how do I improve?”, they will always answer with “play as much as you can”. The only way to really improve is to make time and just play. That can be with the listed methods above if you want to tackle in-depth issues or just playing a few MM (Matchmaking) games every day. That’s how most players improve and that’s what the ranking system is for, but obviously once you get to a higher level it is favourable for you to try Deathmatch, Retakes etc. 

In conclusion, it’s up to you to improve, take on the listed items above and you will really flourish as a player. Good luck!

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