How to Execute Overpass B-Site Like Astralis



Tue 3rd Oct 2017 - 9:51am

Overpass is one of the least played maps in the current competitive map pool but also one of the maps that has given us so many intense and memorable matches and during this time, Astralis has been one of the dominating forces of the map. This article will go through their execute, starting with how map control is being taken, followed by how the utilities are thrown and what routes the players take after throwing their nades.

We start with xyp9x throwing a molotov Short and then proceeding to wallbang Short from Monster stairs to prevent any CT players from pushing and taking early Short control. In the meanwhile, gla1ve and dev1ce are both moving towards A to deny the Counter-Terrorists the chance to take map control before they move towards the rest of the team to do the execute. Gla1ve goes up towards A and throws two flashbangs Mid to hinder the opposing team from taking control of Mid or Balloons and keep players from pushing out of Long. At the same time, dev1ce runs down the ladder and throws a molotov at Connector stairs to prevent any Counter-Terrorists from pushing down and taking connector control to provide the rest of his teammates information about the whereabouts of the Terrorists. They then go back towards B to join up with the rest of the team.

The three players going towards B will split up, xyp9x staying near Monster to hold off any CTs, Kjaerbye and dupreeh going towards Sewers and Short. Upon exiting the Sewers, dupreeh immediately holds boost spot since it's a common place for teams to boost or jump over to gather information. They all shift-walk, so the Counter-Terrorists don't have a clue that they are there. When gla1ve and dev1ce join them, Kjaerbye peeks Short and Sandbags to make sure that no CT players have pushed up and that they can do the execute. 

The utilities thrown during the execute will consist of two molotovs, two smokes and two flashbangs. The molotovs will land in CT and ABC, smokes in Heaven and on close site, and the flashbangs in Monster and right side of Pillar.

Before going into the specific lineups for the needed utilities and the routes to follow, I suggest you look at the following VOD from Esports to see the setup in full action.

(Time stamp 25:05)

Lineups and follow-up routes

The first molotov of the round is thrown by xyp9x and will land Short, preventing the CT players from pushing and taking Short control. This is a tricky molotov to learn and line up if done on the move as xyp9x does. But there is an easier way of doing it and I will show you that instead. Start by going to the left corner of the wall that has the B on it. Aim just under the dark spot above the horizontal line, turn around and aim at the second line from the bottom of the pillar behind the houses. Run forward and throw. After throwing the molotov, run forward to the edge of the stairs towards Monster and shoot through the wood to prevent any CT from pushing up short. After your two teammates have entered sewers, go down the stairs and hold off Monster and take the occasional peak to make sure no one is peaking your players when they come down from A.

The next molotov is thrown by dev1ce with the purpose of stopping CTs from getting control of Connector. This molotov can be thrown in several ways but one way of doing it is, straight after going down the ladder, run towards the floor vent and throw the molotov while aiming at the wall to the left of the B-sign and releasing when at the floor vent. After throwing the molotov, rotate up and back towards Sewers to help your teammates with the execute onto B-site.

The first flashbangs thrown by the Terrorists gets thrown by gla1ve towards middle to prevent the CT's from pushing and taking control, forcing them to wonder where the execute is going to happen. Line yourself up to the corner of the wall next to the electrical switchboards, turn towards middle and put your crosshair in the middle of the first branch of the tree in Balloons, tap forward and throw. Follow this up with a second flash but aim it a bit higher, towards the second branch and tap and throw. After throwing the flashbangs, rotate down towards Sewers to help your teammates with the execute onto B-site.

The next molotov for the execute is thrown by dupreeh and will land in ABC, meaning that any CT hiding there will either be forced to peek or stay back while you take the site. Place yourself towards the sewer pipe and walk forward until you stop. Turn around and place your crosshair slightly under and to the left of the corner of the wall and throw. After throwing this molotov and your teammates throwing their nades, you should focus on moving on the right side of Pillar and help your teammate in Monster to clear it and take the site.

The following molotov is thrown by Kjaerbye and will land CT to hinder any Counter-Terrorists attempting to hold or retake the site. Line yourself up with the middle of the first railing on the wall, turn around and put your crosshair on the dark line on the wall and simply throw. After throwing the molotov, push up Short and pass through the smoke on site towards Bridge and take CT/Water control

Now on to the most vital part of the execute. This is the smoke that makes the whole execute. The close site smoke which is thrown by gla1ve is what allows the Short players to push up and then have two routes of attack, Water/CT and the right side of Pillar. To throw this smoke, align the top left corner of the sewer wall with the bottom corner of the construction lamp. Place your crosshair on the metal bar in the fence and simply throw. After throwing this smoke, push up Short and go behind the smoke towards CT to clear Water and then proceed to throw another molotov in CT to further delay any retake attemps.

The following smoke and flashbangs are thrown by dev1ce and will smoke off Heaven and blind any players peeking towards Monster from Pillar or Barrels. Do this by lining yourself up with the board with the B-sign on it in Sewers, put your crosshair on the pole up on the overpass, aim in the middle of the part sticking out and throw. The smoke will land Heaven and block off any CT players currently up there. 

To throw the flashbangs, stand at the same place, aim at the corner of the wall above the house and simply throw. These flashbangs help your Monster player and the Short player pushing Pillar to take control of the site. After throwing your nades, go up Short to help your teammates clear the site and then quickly go back towards Short to hold off any CTs trying to push out of Connector.

We hope you enjoyed our breakdown and guide on Astralis's B-site execute. Join us next time as we go through other executes focusing on Mirage

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