Top 5 Defensive Boosts on Inferno



Wed 13th Sep 2017 - 11:18am

Inferno proved to be one of the most popular maps at the PGL Major last July, with many teams utilising boost spots to create some incredible plays. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 defensive boost spots on Inferno, helping you to retain control of both A and B site, as well as allowing you to hold some more aggressive angles.

Holding A site can be difficult if you are unable to keep A Short under control. Using this boost however, you can surprise enemies when they enter round to A Short through Mid, catching them off-guard and ultimately gaining some kills. To gain access to this spot, your teammate needs to crouch by the right hand side pillar of Patio on A Short, as shown below. Then all you need to do is crouch jump up onto their head followed by a crouch jump onto the roof of Patio, where you can sit and wait for enemies to push. Alternatively, you can move onto the balcony just the right of Patio with a simple jump, which will provide you more cover from enemies, especially if they choose to flash the corner before executing their push onto A Site. This is especially useful if you are going to use this area multiple times as a CT, as enemies will still be left guessing which position you will be holding.

However, it is not always effective to use the same area to boost up on, as it may become predictable to enemies, and Terrorists may choose to push other positions that may counter the angle you're holding. One particularly useful boost on A Site means that you are able to hold Apartments with cover provided for you. Your teammate first needs to crouch behind the large box on the Bomb Site, with the large ‘A’ sprayed on it. Simply run and jump on top of their head, followed by one more jump, meaning you both are standing and have vision on the exit of Apartments. This is not a common angle for a CT to hold, so will throw off any enemies approaching A Site from Apartments. However, this will require a teammate to keep you boosted, so make sure you designate another player to hold closer to Mid from A. If the enemy players decide to rush Apartments, you can simply fall back behind another box on site, providing you cover and not giving away a free kill to the Terrorists.

This next boost concerns Inferno’s B Site, and is most effective when executed immediately off of spawn. Before reaching B site, stop at the ledge on the left hand side of Tree, with the flower pots situated on top. Whilst your teammate is crouching, jump on their head and immediately jump again up onto the ledge. This will enable you to hold the cross onto B Site, allowing you to kill any unsuspecting enemies pushing up from Banana. What’s especially useful about this boost is that even if the cross to CT is smoked, you will still have vision over it, meaning any enemies that decide to push up will still be in full view. The only area where your vision will be impaired is if a Terrorist pushes close to the smoke, an area you may need to watch out for when the smoke dissipates.

Another boost that is incredibly useful on B Site is holding behind New Box. Get your teammate to crouch down and simply jump on top of them. Your teammate will then need to jump again in order to stand up fully and allow you to peek over the top of the boxes. This will mean that you have full vision of any Terrorists approaching B Site, which may throw enemies off, as they will not expect to get shot from this angle. However, you may need an extra person holding on B Site if you are going to execute this boost, as you will be using two players to occupy one angle. This set-up can work most effectively if another teammate holds Graveyard or even CT, as enemies may be preoccupied trying to take you down from your boost position, and not concentrating on other angles.

The fifth and final defensive boost concerns what can be a very chaotic area of the map, Banana. This area can become overwhelming and very difficult to hold if the Terrorists decide to execute a B rush, so this boost can help you gain control from the end of Banana. Have your teammate crouch on the corner of the shadow by Barrels, as shown below. Jump on top of their head, both jumping again once you’ve done this so you are fully standing. This will mean that you are able to see over the short wall right at the end of Banana, allowing your teammate some cover, but giving you just enough room to peek and see the heads of enemy players approaching. This is especially useful if you have an AWP, as even if you don’t kill every player approaching from Banana, killing just one can be enough to slow down a rush and allow you to have an aggressive presence.

So that rounds off our top 5 defensive boosts on Inferno. If you want to delve deeper into Inferno, make sure you check out both of our Ultimate Grenade Guides for Inferno’s A and B Site.