The Ultimate Grenade Guide - Train's B Site



Fri 1st Sep 2017 - 12:00pm

This week we are focusing on Train's B Site, with grenades to help you nail down your hold as a Counter-Terrorist, as well as your attack as a Terrorist.

T-Side Smokes

This first smoke grenade will allow you to smoke off Connector, meaning that any CT players rotating from A Site will be stalled. Stand up on the wooden platform by Boilers and face away from B Site. Place yourself on the edge of the second plank, as shown below. Turn around and face towards B Site, aiming your crosshair exactly in the middle of the light. Then simply run and throw, making sure you throw your smoke just before you reach the railings in front of you.

Although this next smoke can be thrown from a few different angles, this execution means that your smoke will be consistent and reliable, allowing your team to push out of Ramp and reach Bomb Train quickly. Simply walk up behind the barriers at Boiler and face towards B Site. Aim your crosshair at the edge of the plank right at the bottom of Ramp, as shown below. Simply left click throw, and your smoke will cover deep at the bottom of Ramp.

This smoke is extremely useful if your team plans on pushing out of Ramp, as it will provide them cover from the back of B Site. Walk up to the back of Boilers and face away from B Site, at the dark mark on the smooth beige wall. Turn around, again looking at the metal barriers, and move your crosshair half way between the first and second vertical pillar as shown below. Simply left click throw, and your smoke will bounce to the back of Blue Train, providing your team cover in order to cross to Bomb Train. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the Ramp smoke, providing your team with cover from close proximity enemies.

This next smoke is executed from a different area of Boilers at the end of Upper. This will smoke off the close area of Bomb Train, meaning that your teammates have cover to plant without being visible. Walk to the end of Upper and face towards the right-hand electric box situated on the wall. Turn around, and place your crosshair around three quarters of the way up the door leading out to B Site. Left click throw, and your smoke grenade will bounce off the door and onto site, allowing your team to execute a fast push out onto B Site. However, remember that although you are not exposed from the other end of Upper while executing this smoke, if you chose to push out of this area, you will be visible to enemies.


If you are not aiming to execute a fast push onto B Site, having cover from Upper is crucial. Stand in the same area as the previous smoke, by the right hand electric box, but instead of aiming at the door, move your crosshair along at the same level until you reach the area of the wall shown below. Left click throw your smoke whilst running slightly forward, and your smoke will fully cover off your entrance to B Site from Upper. However, you will still have to be careful of enemies holding from close angles, such as Bomb Train and below Ladder, popular spots for CT players to sit.

T-Side Molotovs

This first Molotov attacks a similar area of B site as the first smoke from Upper. Stand at the end of Upper, at the right hand electric box, and aim around three quarters of the way up the door. Then run and throw your Molotov, which will engulf the Bomb Site, forcing any enemies holding close to Bomb Train to fall back.

This next Molotov will fire off any CT players holding on top of the grey train just outside of Ramp. Jump up onto the railings in Boiler, lining up with the first set of barriers above you, as shown below. Then place your crosshair in between the first two lights hanging from the ceiling and simply left click throw. This will then travel through this small window onto B Site and Molotov off any enemies standing on top of the grey train.

T-Side Flashbang

One Flashbang that is particularly useful to know when approaching B Site is a flash down Ramp. Simply line up at the top of ramp, making sure your in the middle with your back against the railings. Aim your crosshair just above the first tile on the floor, as shown below, and left click throw. However, it is important to remember to move into cover when this Flashbang pops, otherwise you will also be blinded. The best position to move to is slightly to the left immediately after you have thrown this Flashbang as the wall will provide you cover, but still allow you to push out quickly and kill any enemies who are blinded. It is also important to execute this flash quickly, or have another teammate covering you while you are executing it, as enemy players can still peek Ramp at any time.


To smoke off Ramp, position yourself just behind Grey Train on the platform at B Site. Aim your crosshair at the frame of the archway into Ramp, and running throw your smoke grenade. This will smoke far enough into Ramp that you will have the ability to push up and around it without the Terrorists knowing, allowing you to inflict damage if the enemy players are not prepared for your approach.

If you are holding Upper on B, this next smoke is extremely useful. Walk into the room connecting CT Spawn to B and turn to face the white paint on the wall. Turn around, and place your crosshair on the third beam on the vent above you. Start running and only throw your smoke when you reach the end of the tunnel. This will smoke deep Upper, meaning that any enemies will be stalled.

This final grenade is a one way smoke, meaning that you will be able to see the enemy Terrorists approaching Ramp but they will not be able to see you. Simply place yourself in the corner by the exit of Ramp, as shown below. Crouch and right click throw your smoke, making sure that you have your crosshair placed right in the corner while doing so. When the smoke pops, move towards the right hand side of Ramp, where you will be able to see enemy players approaching but they will not have visibility of you.

CT-Side Molotov

As a CT, it is particularly important to know how to Molotov off Ramp, as this prevents enemies from immediately pushing out. It can also be used after your Ramp smoke has dissipated to stall enemies even longer, making then waste precious time, and even inflicting some damage. If you have info that enemies are approaching and are ready to push out of ramp area, stand at the end of Grey Train as shown below. Aim your crosshair at the fourth plank of wood on ramp and simply left click throw.

CT-Side Flashbangs

Flashbangs are key to retaking a site that has be overrun by Terrorists. This first flashbang is executed from B Stairs, and is useful if you have info that enemies are holding Upper and Boiler area. Stand in the left hand corner of B Stairs, and aim at the right hand side of the lamp above you. Carefully move your crosshair down until it reaches the fourth line of bricks, and left click throw. This will flash Boiler area and any enemies expecting a rotation will be blinded.

If you are looking to rotate to B Site from another angle however, flashing from Connector will help you gain more control. Move up towards the end of Connector towards B Site, and stand by the last metal girder in the wall to your left. Turn to look towards the end of Connector, aiming halfway between the two horizontal lines on the smooth grey wall, and pull your crosshair to the left until you are approximately a quarter of the way over the brick wall. Finally two click throw, which will mean that any enemies holding this angle from B Site will not have enough time to look away before the flash pops.

 We hope you enjoyed our ultimate grenade guide for Train! Join us next time when we delve even deeper into the competitive map pool, focusing on Cobblestone.

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