The Ultimate Grenade Guide - Inferno's A Site



Sun 6th Aug 2017 - 12:56pm

Inferno’s A Site provides a whole host of useful grenade spots for both Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist players, and we've seen some incredible clips occur here at the PGL Major in Krakow, including Dosia's insane HE Grenade into Pit.

T-Side Smokes

If you are executing a push from Mid onto A site, you will firstly need to know how to smoke off Arch Side. To throw this smoke, simply find the red double doors on Second Mid and stand aiming right in the centre of them, as shown below. Then, turn around, and aim at the left hand flower pot. Make sure your crosshair is right on the edge of it, and drag your crosshair up, so that you line up with the steeple on the church. Simply throw, and your smoke will block off any CT players from attacking you from Arch Side. However, as this smoke is quite deep, keep in mind that players may be holding Close, so make sure at least one of your teammates checks this area when pushing through from Mid.

This next smoke is extremely useful to use in conjunction with the Arch Side smoke. This will allow you to smoke off Pit, a common spot for CT players to sit when holding the exit of Apartments or the approach from A Short. To throw this smoke, walk over to the same area of Second Mid that you threw your last smoke. Instead of aiming at the centre of the doors, this time move along to your right to the grey pole just after the two windows. Stand looking straight at the pole, then turn around and look up. Find the edge of the flower pot situated above you from the overhanging balcony, and make sure your crosshair is placed on the bottom left hand corner of it. Then simply throw, and your smoke will land by Truck, smoking off any CT players in that area, including Pit.

If your team is aiming to push round towards Arch Side, then you will need to smoke off Short. This smoke is easy to do from Second Mid, simply place yourself in this corner as shown in the image below. Turn around and look up towards the washing line. Place your crosshair on the top right of the edge of the white towel hanging from the line. Then left click throw, and the smoke will bounce off the red building to the left of Mid, and onto short, providing you cover from Porch and Boiler. This is useful when executing a rush to A through Arch Side, or if you are pushing all the way through Arches to approach B site from CT Spawn.


This last smoke for T-side allows you to smoke off A site on an approach from Short, meaning that you are covered from this area of site, and also able to plant in a covered area, as long as Apartments and Pit is clear. Walk up to the brown door where Mid connects to Second Mid. Look down, and line up with the right hand edge of the step. Turn around, and aim at the panel of wood on the roof, as shown below. Carefully move your crosshair up until you are also in line with the top of the aerial just to your right. Finally, throw your smoke, which will roll off of the top of A Site Roof, onto the barrels on A Site of which it will smoke off, allowing you and your team cover.

T-Side Molotovs

This first Molotov will allow you to fire off Patio on A Short without being seen from either side of Mid. Simply walk up towards to end of Mid, as shown below. Line up the edge of apartments with the pillar on the back of the A bombsite and place your crosshair on the lowest wooden plank coming out of the wall in front of you. Move your crosshair across until it intersects with the plank leaning up against the wall and walk forwards slightly while you are throwing. This will then bounce off of the wall and land in Patio, meaning any CT sided players will get burned and have to push out of this space.

Another Molotov that aids your push onto A Site is to fire off Balcony. This in turn will either force the CT player holding this position back into Apartments, making it difficult for them to stop a plant, or push out, meaning they are in a more open position, and easier to shoot. After making sure A Short and Patio is clear, stand in the corner of Apartments just by Boiler. Turn around and face towards Balcony. Aim your crosshair at the top of the last window by Balcony and pull across until you reach the tip of the branch, as shown below. Then simply throw and Balcony will be engulfed by your Molotov.

T-Side Flashbangs

Flashbangs are also very important when executing an approach towards the A Site and are incredibly useful when used in conjunction with Smokes and Molotovs.

This Flashbang can be used in conjunction with your smoke for Arch Side. Stand in Bottom Mid, just behind the barrels, and face towards Top Mid. Line up your crosshair with the bottom of the roof at the back of A Site, as shown below. Make sure your crosshair is about two thirds of the way across and simply left click throw. You will need to turn away from this Flashbang once you have thrown it, but it will flash enemies on both Patio and Arch Side, allowing your team to push through. For this Flashbang, it is more efficient to have your teammates wait at the Top of Mid and push through as soon as the flash pops, as this will give them the opportunity to kill any blinded Counter-Terrorist players.

CT-Side Smokes

Smokes on CT-side for A are very situational. They will firstly depend on how the T sided players are executing a push to which smokes you made need, and using smokes for retakes will also depend on where you are pushing from, and where the Terrorists have control of.

One smoke, however, that is useful to use in most rounds is smoking off Mid from Arch Side. To execute this smoke, walk up to the red doors on Arch Side. Place yourself at the right hand side, looking straight at the grey arch that surrounds the door. Turn around and place your crosshair in the corner underneath the roof of the red building, as shown below. Then, throw your smoke grenade with a simple left click, which will bounce off Apartments and fully cover Mid. This smoke firstly provides you cover from a rapid A push from Mid, meaning that the Terrorists will be slowed down. It also means that your team can cross this area of the map without being shot, especially useful if there is a Terrorist player holding this angle with an AWP from the end of Banana or Lower Mid.

This next smoke is particularly useful as a CT when retaking A site from Arch Side, perhaps after rotating from holding B Site. However, this can also be used when on T side after pushing up Arch Side looking to execute a push onto the A Site. Walk up in between Arches and the Window on the wall of Arch Side, turn around, and look up to where the wire intersects with the roof at the top. Simply left click throw, and this grenade will smoke off Balcony, a common spot for a T sided player to hold and wait for a defuse. This will either force the Terrorist to push out, allowing you to kill them, or fall back, meaning you have time to check other angles and attempt to defuse.

Another Smoke that is extremely useful when rotating to retake A site is one that smokes off Pit. Firstly, stand in the corner inside of Arches as shown below. Then look up towards the top of the lower roof of A Site. Aim your crosshair where the roof peaks and throw. This will smoke off Pit, and if used in conjunction with the Apartments smoke, makes peeking and executing your retake onto A Site a lot easier.

CT-Side Molotovs

Molotovs are extremely useful when retaking A Site as a CT. From Arch Side, there are a number of Molotovs you can throw which will force enemy players out of positions they may be holding. Firstly, face the post box on Arch Side, making sure that you are covered form Library. Turn around and aim your crosshair in the corner of the far white building, as shown below. Then carefully pull your crosshair up until you are aiming just above the pipe on the roof close to you. Finally, throw your Molotov while running slightly forward and your Molotov will land in Pit, flushing any enemy players out into the open.

This next Molotov is also thrown from Arch Side, but this time, inside Arches. Stand to the right side of Arches, about two thirds of the way along, and aim at the O on the wall. Pull your crosshair up until you are in line with the chimney on top of the roof and then run throw your Molotov. This will fire off Graveyard, meaning the enemy players will be forced out of this position.

CT Side Flashbangs

Flashes for CT are also very situational. This first flash allows you to blind any enemies pushing up Mid, which may be particularly useful when the Terrorists are on an eco round, when your utility surpasses theirs. Simply face the green box on the wall outside of Boiler on A Short. Turn to the left and place your crosshair on the yellow wall slightly above you, then throw with a slight step forward. The flash will then go over your head and land at the top of Mid, blinding any players looking in this direction.

When holding Pit, it can be difficult not to be overwhelmed when enemies are approaching from Short, especially when multiple players are rushing. This flashbang will allow you to blind any enemies rushing up this area of A Short, and is particularly efficient when you have info that there are multiple players pushing up this avenue. Make sure you are in cover behind the left hand wall in pit, as shown below. Walk backwards until you are right at the back of Pit and look up at the top of the door on Balcony. Throw your flash, making sure not to peek until the flash has popped, and the enemies facing towards you will be blinded.

If you are a fan of playing more aggressively on A site, try this flash when you are pushed up in Apartments. Place yourself in the corner in Apartments, facing away from the stairs, as shown below. Place your crosshair at the end of the first wall and left click throw. This will then bounce off the next part of the wall and then off of the stairway wall, blinding any enemies approaching Apartments from outside. It also gives the enemies little time, if any, to turn away from the flash, meaning the Terrorists approaching will be fully blind.

So that rounds up our grenade guide for Inferno. Next time we will be delving into the most useful grenade spots on Train, one of the most popular maps at the PGL Major!

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