Be as Fleet as a Rabbit: Learn How to Bunny Hop in CSGO



Mon 17th Jul 2017 - 11:27am

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Be as Fleet as a Rabbit: Learn How to Bunny Hop in CSGO

Ever wonder why some players are so hard to hit, or why some are always jumping around? Are you having trouble catching up to your teammates as they race toward the bomb site? Chances are, certain teammates are bunny hopping. Fortunately, this guide will help you learn and practice that skill.

Bunny hop (bhop) is an ability that accelerates the speed of a player. It was originally a usable glitch in the good old Counter-Strike source days that players still utilize. Bhopping could be useful in other games and is mainly beneficial for speed running ( The skill offers other advantages, such as being harder to hit (from all the jumping), with fewer steps taken. Since you're in mid-air most of the time with the bhop, how’s the opposition going to hear your steps? Also, if you’re vulnerable to motion sickness, then the bhopping may not be a good fit because it involves rapidly moving left and right, which could cause dizziness.

How to Bhop

Join an offline server without bots. Choose a map with straight paths (Cache is suitable for its level ground) and a nice, straight mid area. Many guides recommend binding the jump action to scroll the mouse wheel both up and down since it enables rapid spamming of the jump action, something needed for effective bhops. It will ease the abuse on the space bar of the keyboard, but it’s not required.

Done preparing? It’s time to start practicing. Bhopping doesn’t require forward movement. It slows the avatar down, which is what we’re trying to avoid. Anyhow, the first thing to learn is strafing. Press “a” and turn to the left to strafe left, while pressing “d” and turning to the right will make you strafe right. Once you’ve got that down, it’s time to add the bunny hop. Just keep the timing of the jumps as regular as possible, and don’t forget to keep on strafing!

Additional Tips

First, practice as often as you can. Even CSGO experts began as novices, so continue practicing. Second, by typing “showpos 1” in the console, a meter will appear. It indicates your current velocity among other less important things. It’s a good device to figure out if you’re doing bhop right or not. Running with a knife is about 250 velocity, and max speed is 300. Since Valve implemented some numbered values, including stamina in CSGO, nobody can keep up with a speed of over 300 for the long haul. The game automatically slows down when a player is going over 300.

It’s still possible to keep a velocity of above 250 but less than 300 though, as explained in this video, which is also a useful reference. Other factors affect bhops like the server’s air acceleration setting. Some online practice servers have different air acceleration values than competitive or casual ones, so don’t get discouraged if bhopping feels different in other servers. Just keep practicing.

A picture of a bhop practice server (credit: gamebanana)

Parting Words

For additional info, feel free to check this out:

Who knows, maybe the bhoping skill could provide the rabbit’s foot so that you can win more matches, and earning that M4A4 Asiimov or other fresh CSGO Skins. Good luck!