The Ultimate Grenade Guide - Inferno's B Site



Thu 20th Jul 2017 - 4:39pm

As many CS:GO fans will know, Inferno is a staple map in the competitive scene, especially after being reworked and brought back into the competitive map pool. Smokes, Molotovs and Flashbangs are useful to know when executing a B site approach on Inferno as a Terrorist or holding it as a Counter-Terrorist, and this handy guide will show you the best grenades spots for both T and CT side.

T-Side Smokes

One of the most important smoke spots to know when executing a B site approach is how to smoke off CT. This allows T-side players to push onto B site without getting attacked from CT and it is also a deep enough smoke to ensure that CT-side players cannot hide in Cubby. However, it is also key that you have some control of Banana to execute this smoke safely, as you will be exposed from Car, and need to be careful of an enemy player pushing Porch or Sandbags.

Simply walk up to the corner of Logs in Banana, having your crosshair placed on the top corner of them. Then, turn around to face Car and aim at the right-hand scaffolding as shown below. Finally, move your crosshair up until you reach the first overhead wire, and then simply throw.

Smoking off Coffins is also very important when pushing B site, and when used in conjunction with the CT smoke, provides your team with strong protection while planting and holding the site.

Starting at the same angle as the CT smoke, facing the top of Logs, turn around and face towards the B site. Instead of looking at the scaffolding, this time look towards the railings on the wall above you. Aim at the tip of the pole as shown below, and with a simple left click, throw your smoke.

T-Side Molotovs

It is not only smoke grenades that are of particular importance when trying to take B site as a Terrorist. Molotovs are extremely useful if your team's economy permits.

For the first Molotov, you will need to have a reasonable amount of control of Banana, ensuring that both Car and Sandbags are clear. First, walk up towards the barrels into the corner where the two leftmost barrels meet. Then look up and to the left, looking at the second beam sticking out of the roof. Finally, move your crosshair slightly up until you reach the bottom of the tile next to the beam, as shown below, and then jump throw.

This will then completely engulf the space behind the Oranges on B site, a popular spot for CT’s players to hold.

If you are not a fan of jump throws, then this next Molotov will be much more up your alley. Again, it does require you to have control of Sandbags and some distance of Porch. First, jump up onto the ledge at the end of Banana, which can be done by jumping off of the barrels or having a teammate boost you. Then look down until your crosshair is on the bottom right side of the second large leaf, as shown below. Finally, aim at the corner of the middle tree branch behind the roof, and simply throw, no jumping required. This will in turn Molotov off Dark, which when used in conjunction with the Oranges Molotov, will force CT’s out into the open.

T-Side Flashbangs

This first flash will enable T-side players to push up Banana by blinding the CTs holding the top of it. Simply run up the beginning of Banana, and throw your Flashbang over the top of the first building after the arch while still moving. Make sure that you are throwing it in between the wires and the building, as shown below. This flash is great for B rushes, as you can run all the way with the flash, allowing you to gain control of Banana while killing any enemy players flashed near Porch.

If you are not planning to rush up Banana, there are more controlled flashes that you can throw onto the B site itself. You will need to have total control of Car and some control of Porch to do this, and you should have already executed your smokes just before throwing this flashbang.

Walk into the corner of the ledge at the end of Banana, turn around, and locate the middle of the aerial on top of the building. Then, note the top of the chimney on the building to the right and move your crosshair up until the two align, as shown below. Simply throw your flash, which will blind anyone looking towards Banana from Fountain or New Box, allowing you to execute your push onto B site.


CT-Side Smokes

Grenades are also equally as important when holding B site as a Counter-Terrorist. Smoke grenades can be used to stall Terrorists from pushing up onto the B site, giving your team more chance to kill the enemy players before they reach it. This includes smoking deep down Banana, as well as smoking off the top by Car and Sandbags.

To execute a shallow smoke from the front of B site, you will need to ensure that the Terrorists have not already pushed up Banana and onto Porch. Firstly, walk up to the blue barrels into the corner where these barrels meet the wall. Aim up to the right window, and place your cross hair where the panels on the window end. Then simply throw your smoke. This will bounce off of the wall, smoking off the end of Banana by Car. However, this also leaves you a gap to cross to the far side of Car, meaning that you will be able to peak Banana if you want to play more aggressively, while having your cross fully covered.

Smoking off deep Banana can also prevent T-side players from pushing up, and this smoke works particularly well when a CT player is holding behind Car. If a T-side player is daring enough to push through this deep Banana smoke, they will be greeted by a CT and the smoke can also be used in conjunction with Molotovs and HE Grenades.

To execute this deep smoke, walk up to the Coffins by the front B site wall. Then, turn around, and place your crosshair onto the beam fifth from the left, as shown below. Next, move your crosshair up until it aligns with the top of the roof to the right. Finally, left click throw your smoke, which will land deep in Banana. This Smoke is best used as soon as you reach site from CT Spawn, as it prevents Terrorist players from rushing Banana, allowing CT’s to gain more control.

CT Side Molotovs

CT players can also Molotov off Car by jumping up by first Oranges. Simply jump up onto the blue barrels, using the back barrel to stand on. Then, look up towards the roof. Aim for the top right of the beam located slightly below the roof as shown below, and throw. This will land slightly in front of the car, delaying the Terrorists push onto B site.

CT-Side Flashbangs

Flashbangs are also incredibly useful on CT side, one of which can be used when T side players are at the top of Banana and rushing Porch. Stand facing towards the back of B site behind first Oranges, and aim at the third from top rivet on the grey containers, as shown below. Throw your flash, which will then bounce off of this container, over your head and Oranges, and onto Porch, which will flash any players who have rushed up Banana. This Flashbang is particularly useful when you know the Terrorists have control of upper Banana, and are pushing onto site, and can allow a CT player holding Coffins to sweep up some kills.

It is also important to think about how you can use Flashbangs effectively to aid in retaking B site as a CT. Simply line yourself up next to this pillar in Ruins, as shown below. Then, turn around, and place your crosshair at the top of the pole above the top of Ruins. Throw the Flashbang over the top, which will blind anyone holding the entrance of ruins from Coils or Garden. Using this flash means that enemy players may have to fall back from Garden area, or allow you to kill anyone holding close to the doors by Ruins.

So that rounds up our grenade guide for Inferno's B site. We hope to see you next time when we will be delving even further into Inferno, focusing on the most useful grenades for A site.

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