Fan Support: Why I’m With Team Dignitas’s All-Female CSGO Team



Thu 13th Apr 2017 - 6:20pm

This is a guest-post written by Daisy Mariño from

Gone are the days when gaming was an exclusive all-boys club. However, the scene, especially the eSports scene, is still far from being a level playing field for the two sexes. It’s not because boys are better gamers, but because the ladies don't get as much time in the spotlight. So when a big eSports company puts together an all-female team, it’s very much a big deal. That’s why, as a CSGO player who has just begun following CSGO’s women’s leagues, I couldn’t be more impressed with Team Dignitas’s first ever all-girl CSGO squad. And for me, I couldn’t have followed them at a much better time, as they’ll be taking part in the Copenhagen Games this 13th of April.

Looking Beyond Looks

At first glance it may seem like Team Dignitas just scoured the worldwide web for some pretty faces that can play the game.  However, if you do your research, just like what Team Dignitas did, you’ll discover that these ladies are seasoned veterans, and are therefore better than your average player regardless of gender.

The team is made up of captain and AWPer Emmalee "emuhleet" Garrido from Los Angeles California; lurker Carolyn "artStar" Noquez, who’s also from LA; entryfraggers Amanda "rain" Smith and Mounira "Goosebreeder" Dobie from Canada; and a Canadian Catherine "Cath" Leroux, 2015 female CSGO World Cup and former Counter Logic Gaming Red member. These girls landed second at the 2014 and 2016 female CSGO World Cups, respectively under Selfless Gaming and Team Karma – this impressive track record is proof that they’re among the best eSports girl groups out there.

Image courtesy of ESL

Fighting The Good Fight

Despite their amazing past victories, however, these ladies are not the type to rest on their laurels. No wonder they bagged second place at the IEM Katowice 2017, which happened in the eponymous city of Poland just last month. Yes, I’m definitely late to the party, but hey, better to be late than never realize how good Team Dignitas’s girls are. While it would’ve been nice if they managed to come out on top, how they played is nothing short of impressive, as both of their games have their own fair share of highlights.

For their match against CLG Red, there’s CAth, toting her AK-47 with an Anarchy CSGO Skins. Despite being ambushed in a tight spot in Cobblestone, she manages to take down two opponents – one lurking behind her, and the other from the side. She then proceeds to take out the other three players who come to her. Emuhleet also pulled an enemy wipe with an AK-47 that has exactly the same CSGO skins as that of CAth’s; the difference being that she was in an offensive position. Another impressive win is Rain’s. In fact, it’s arguably more so than CAth’s. With nothing but a handgun, she was not only able to decimate the opposition, but also and more importantly, managed to do consistent headshots – something difficult even with a rifle. Kind of makes me wonder what she could do with CSGO knives.

On the other hand, while their match with Team Secret turned out rather unfortunate because of the loss, the girls of Team Dignitas were still able to put up more than a good fight. CAth took out enemies in swift succession, be it during the pistol round, and with the AK-47, her weapon of choice. Meanwhile, Emuhleet finally had the chance to show off with the AWP, allowing her to bag quite a number of kills thanks to her lean and mean aggressive sniping game.

These Girls And The Future

Team Dignitas’s all-girl team is shaping up to be one of the brightest stars in CSGO’s all-female pro scene. However, for me, and for a lot of viewers of women’s tournaments, these ladies – as well as those of other teams – show that the ladies are definitely just as good as the boys. This also shows that it’s about time for women’s tournaments to get just as much attention and as big of a prize pool as your usual all-male big leagues.

Still, there’s no all-female team that plays like Team Dignitas - that’s why I’m rooting for them the most. Hopefully more people will root for them too, and hopefully they will finally get first place in the Copenhagen Games 2017, which is just around the corner. I know they can!