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Sun 20th Jan 2013 - 8:03pm

Since the beginning of gaming, gamers have been seen as quirky, nerdy people who had little to no social skills and no interest to do anything in life besides play video games. Nutrition and health being one of them. Over the years this idea had dwindled slightly. With the addition of more user friendly gaming centres such as Wii consoles and portable gaming devices, gaming has taken to the spotlight and is now a much more worldwide accepted passtime for everyone of all ages to enjoy. More and more people are gaming every day, therefore I think it's important to discuss what I believe to be a very important topic. Healthy living while gaming! 

Now I know you're probably all thinking, "oh god here we go, another self righteous person trying to preach to us about stuff." but, honestly, it's not as big of a deal as you think to be healthy!

There are three important points I would like to discuss that can change your mindset on games completely. You will see yourself perform better and achieve greater success in endeavours in your life outwith gaming also. So without further ado, let me begin with my first idea!


Limit your Energy Drinks and Drink water!

Red bull!

Now I know that energy drinks are wonderfully tasty and may seem to make you perform better because of the burst of energy you get from the sugar, but they are very unhealthy in high amounts, which Is why I would recommend you limit your Energy Drink intake. 2 Energy drinks a day is a good number to try and hit. You want to try and eat your daily recommended calories with food, instead of with energy drinks which provide little to no nutritional value!

If you're looking for something to drink while you game, then the ultimate solution to that quandry is water! Water is the perfect drink for you to consume while you are doing anything in life. You should aim to drink around 8 glasses of water minimum a day. That's right, MINIMUM. Our body is made up of 60% water, therefore we should be looking to hydrate constantly to maintain that level right?

Try it for a month and see how you feel! 


Maintain a healthy Diet!

  Food plate!

This may seem like an extremely daunting task but it's really not difficult once you break down what a healthy diet really is.

It's not going to come as a shock to many people that a lot of gamers and people in general are overweight. This is due to a lack of proper nutrition and exercise. My personal philosophy is you can be healthy with barely any exercise at all, although exercise can almost never be a bad thing unless done imporperly. 

Here is a link to a page which calculates how many calories you need to take in to maintain your current weight. If you're looking to lose weight, eat around 200-500 calories below that, depending on how much you want to lose. Same if you want to gain weight, eat 200-500 calories above. I will stress this with a warning though. If you're looking to get bigger as in muscular, you will need to incorporate a decent weighlifting program, many of which can be found throughout the internet free!

Once you know how much you need to eat, use

This site is very useful as you can put in the things you have eaten throughout the day, then see how much or how little you have left to eat during the day! It has almost every food on there!

This brings me on to my final point which is!


Sleep at least 8 hours a night.


This rule is the golden one and perhaps one of the most important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind. When you're sleeping, your body is using all of its resources to repair your body and keep things working the way they should be. This process takes time, which is why having an adequate amount of sleep is pivotal. I recommend at least 8 Hours sleep a night, but no more than 10.

Computer users have a tendency to be very nocturnal and stay awake into the late hours of the morning and wake up in the early hours of the afternoon, which is not a good way to live. If you have school or a job, you can't do things like that. You have to be awake early in the morning, with your mind ready for whatever comes your way that day. With enough sleep this is easily achievable. 


I hope you all enjoyed reading these tips and will seek to apply them to your own life is you are not doing so already.

Good day to you all! Happy Gaming!

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