Rainbow Six Operator Overview: Ying



Sun 19th Jan 2020 - 9:31pm

Ying is an attacker that has become infamous for her dazzling ability and, with an accurate gun to boot, her infamy has been well earned. Whether she’s going in hot with a breaching charge and a candela or if she's taking her time, pushing from corner to corner, Ying is equipped with a loadout that will suit every approach. And at the first sound of her gadget going off, you’ll see every opponent dive to the floor. So let’s take a better look at what she’s working with. 

Ability - Candela

Ying’s tool of choice is a chargeable handheld ball that can either be rolled or planted onto a wall to be deployed. In both cases, after a unique sound follows a blinding array of lights that completely blinds any of those in the vicinity that are within direct eye contact with it. Ying’s goggles make her immune to her own flashes, but your allies are not as lucky, so be aware of your surroundings if you don’t have outlines on. Keep in mind, opponents in cover will be shielded from the light, leaving you vulnerable to getting gunned down if you blindly charge in after your gadget. But, while the ability may seem as straightforward as a flashbang grenade, there are some nuances that can be taken advantage of with some practice, which I’ll touch on in the tips section. With that said, let’s talk about common follow up to Ying’s gadget.


Primary: Ying gets to choose between the capable T-95 LSW LMG and the wild card SIX12 shotgun. As is the case with many shotguns in this game, the SIX12 is fun to use, but is outshined in many aspects by the T-95. With a sizeable clip, controllable recoil, and access to the all-mighty ACOG, it’s hard to say where the SIX12 comes in 1st comparatively (aside from soft destruction). I guess it could be used in a breach-and-clear fashion with her gadget, but this style of play is a lot better on paper than in practice. With all of this in mind, the T-95 is my go-to with Ying and complements her ability very well when holding angles, but if you have an itch for destruction and memes, the SIX12 will scratch it perfectly.

Secondary: While variety is nice, sometimes the best option is no option, and that’s what Ying gets. With only one secondary available, the Q-929, Ying’s loadout is streamlined with this strong, low-recoil sidearm that comes with either a silencer or a muzzle break and the optional laser dot. As far as what to choose for these, it comes down to preference. The silencer knocks down the damage a bit (from 60 to 51) but can be helpful if in flanks when gadgets or cams need to be taken out discreetly. The muzzle break does its usual job of stabilizing vertical recoil, but personally I see it as overkill with the Q-929’s already smooth control. This, coupled with my habit of using Ying as a flank, means I typically put on the silencer.

Utility: The choice between a breaching charge and a claymore is based on how you’re looking to use Ying. Claymores can hold a door or a window from any antsy opponent and a breaching charge can give you a new avenue to strike from. As you may have guessed by now, only practice will show you which of the two is better for how you want to use Ying. That being said, a neat trick for the breaching charges is to use them on a room above the objective with a soft floor. That way, not only can you shoot through the beams, but you can also plant or toss your candelas through them for strategic chaos. Just be sure to warn any friendlies in the area so they can cover their eyes.


  • With the straightforward use of Ying’s ability, it synergies really well with other abilities given a little coordination. With a Fuze, the two can make the objective hellish for any anchor. With a Lion or a Dokkaebi, their positions will be compromised and their angles will get them blinded right in time for a surgical sweep. In the same way you look at a flashbang, it’s less about what it does and more about how you use it. 
  • Having been introduced in the third season of Siege’s 2nd year, people are well aware of the Ying’s distinct candella sound. Use this to your advantage by holding an angle near the objective or in a room adjacent to the objective. That way, when you throw a candela, you’re able to catch anyone repositioning with your gadget’s appearance. 
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid of “wasting” a candela. Many people equate their gadget with an easy kill and that doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re aware that someone has a tight angle on you and your back is against a wall, don’t hesitate to use a candela to blind your opponent and get to a safer area. Your gun and your aim is what gets kills, the utility just helps you get them in a variety of ways. 

Ying can be a very effective operator on any team and she’s surprisingly unique even with a fairly basic gadget. Of course there are nuances to her, as with any operator, but ultimately she’s a good character to pick up early and get skilled with. Whether you’re trying to get better at fragging or playing tactically, Ying’s a sure thing.