Unraveling de_mirage #1 - Defaults and Variations as T-side



Mon 1st Oct 2018 - 10:23pm

Everyone knows the importance of having map control in CS:GO, but sometimes gaining map control is not done correctly. That's when defaults appear. A default is nothing more than having your team spaced and split on the map in a way that gives you that map control you are looking for and, at the same time, denies the opponent team map control and information.

In this article, you will see and learn how to fight for map control correctly and how to play when you have the information advantage on your side. You will also find specific utility usage that will help you through your default as well as videos and graphics explaining and summing everything up.


As the CTs have control of the bombsites by default, you always want to try to get Mid control as well as control of the isolated parts of those bombsites that are close to Mid. As we are talking about de_mirage, this means that usually as T you want to have Mid control by having teammates on Connector or Short (or, in a better scenario, both of them).

(Graphic done on

You can do this default as much as you want if your goal is the same, and you can have your other players smoking or lurking on the tips of the map. The following way to establish mid control I will be showing is the easiest and more efficient way to do it.

Short/Ladder Control


  • Denies the CT Short player information as well as vision to Mid
  • Allows one of your teammates to sneak into Window and kill the CT Mid player, which opens either a possibility to flank and attack A or flank and attack B as well as cutting rotations from CT players

  • Allows a strong B-split as you already have some players on Short and the others can go B-Apartments which gives you a B-site attack from two sides

(Graphic done on csgoboard)

Now on to the most important part, how to do it. For this default, you will need a double lurk setup with the remaining three teammates going Mid and taking Mid control.

  • B lurker: This player will be the first player to drop his smoke. Will be thrown at the beginning of the round on Top Middle to allow teammates to cross Mid and after that, he will be sitting in B-Apartments holding for pushes from B and from Underpass

(B lurker POV)


  • A lurker: This player will be the player holding for pushes from the A-site CTs. He will sit around the Palace entrance and will watch Ramp and Palace. He will also be responsible for smoking Connector at the same time that the Mid player will drop the Window smoke, so the team can progress on Short

(A lurker POV) 

  • Support Player : This player will be focused on supporting his teammates and securing the team's progression onSshort. He starts by dropping his molotov inside Connector. He then proceeds to smoke Window together with the Connector smoke from the A lurker and prepares two flashes for his teammates on Short. The first flash will allow the two players to wide peek and the second one allows them to enter Ladder and gain Ladder control

(Support Player POV) 

  • Entry Fragger (First Player Going Short): The generic role of an entry fragger applies to this situation. In this set-up, this player will not use utility and will only run to Short, wide peeking with the first flash and gaining Ladder control with the second one

(Entry Fragger POV)

  • 2nd Entry (Second Player Going Ladder): Similar to the entry fragger, this player will not use any nades. He can flash once into Connector to make crossing to Short easier and will follow the entry fragger ready to trade kill if the first player dies

(2nd Entry POV) 

 Final Look

(Graphic done on csgoboard) 

Connector Control


  • Denies the CT A players vision and information
  • Has the same effect as the Ladder control play but aimed at the A-site as it allows a strong A-split possibility because you already have players inside Connector and the B lurker can join the A lurker and go A-Ramp to attack with the team

(Graphic done on csgoboard

Now on to the explanation part. Similar to the Short/Ladder control default, you want to have the double lurk setup but this time the A lurker will be the one smoking top Mid for the team instead of the B lurker, who will have a slightly different role from this Default to the previous one.

  • B/Connector lurker: This player will be a crucial piece on this strategy. He will be the player going Underpass at the beginning of the round, smoking Connector and getting inside lurking behind the Connector smoke to hear all the steps and collect information. He will be the eyes and ears of the team. It is extremely important that, when approaching Connector, the player strafes first before leaving Underpass as shown in the video, to avoid getting killed by surprise! He will only enter Connector after the support player flashes

(B/Connector lurker POV) 

  • A lurker: Similar to the default above, this player will have the exact same role of smoking Connector and holding for pushes.

(A lurker POV)

  • Apartments LurkerThis player role will simply be holding for pushes from the B site CT players denying them information and map space

(Aps B Lurker POV)

  • 2nd Entry Connector: Responsible for dropping his smoke on Short, this player will also have the duty to hold Window and, after that, enter Connector with the first player coming from Underpass.

(2nd Entry POV) 

  • 2nd Support: Someone has to smoke Window and flash Connector for the two players to enter. This player has that role and stays Top Mid waiting to cut rotations from CTs

(2nd Support POV) 

Final Look

(Graphic done on csgoboard) 


Summing it up, there are plenty of ways and plenty of strategies to gain map control on de_mirage. You can have your own ideas and your own defaults that make more sense to you and your team, but in this guide I have put together the two defaults I think that are the easiest ones to learn and apply to your game. Follow the steps, hit the timings right, and you are going to dominate T-side Mirage with only these two defaults. From these defaults you can create and perform the many executes, bombsite hits, and fakes that I will be covering in another guide. Stay tuned!

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