Fortnite BR: The Power of a Strong Offense



Sun 10th Jun 2018 - 4:17pm

Unlike most BR games, in Fortnite there is room for more aggressive players. While other BR games cater to a "slow and steady" approach to gameplay, Fortnite gives players a plethora of options to find success offensively. This is idea seeps into every aspect of the game: the loadouts, the drop locations, and even the heavy focus on building are all tools for the player to create a more dynamic offensive oriented game. 

Playing an offensive oriented game means playing with wild aggression. That being said wild does not equal stupid. There is always a proper method of play- even in madness. The keys to a working offense are as followed: striking first, advanced building, and having a strong mentality. 

Strike First

Getting the jump on your opponents is always crucial. If they are blindly running ahead of you and you tag them once before the fight even really starts, you've already given yourself the advantage. Now obviously timing and the unique situations every match has play a huge role in when and how you should "strike first". For example:

Running to the Zone: Just because someone is in front of you doesn't mean you need to shoot them. This goes against the entire idea of calculated aggression. Unless you are in dire need of meds, you should never engage on someone while the zone is an obvious threat. Wait until they are out of the zone. If they make the mistake of not building before healing, punish them and secure yourself a safe exit. If they do build, leave, find another safe location and heal. In the time it takes you to run out of the storm and break their building, they would of had more than enough time to drink their theoretical Small Shield Potions. You're weak from the storm, they aren't, and now you're dead because you made a miscalculation and were too aggressive.

Bush Strats: Striking first doesn't mean sitting in a bush and waiting. The advantage you gain from drawing first blood only matters if you push the person you've hit. Sitting in a bush is a legit strategy that can help you get into top 10 or even top 2 scenarios, but it's never going consistently win you games. When you're locked into a bush, you can't shoot or build. You've handicapped yourself by taking away the two primary ways to kill your opponents. While the enemy is fortifying a super base, you are essentially willingly standing naked in the middle of nowhere. More than likely you will eventually be found and quickly executed. In this case, you've made a miscalculation and weren't aggressive enough. 


Every player knows that building is a complicated process and as mechanic it can't really be broken down a handful of sentences. This being said, offensive building is the next logical step for a player who already has a good grasp on basic building. The best way I can think of to describe offensive building is making full use of your editing tool and making full use of the speed at which you can build.

Editing: Editing is an extremely valuable, and often underused, tool in the building process. Making full use of it is what separates good players from great players. Editing serves two major functions when building during a scrap: 1) It is a useful way to grant you vision on a target and 2) It unlocks your full movement range when building.

When editing a structure, it's as easy as clearing a square away from the transparent blue interface, creating a window for yourself without actually having to build one. This works as a one-way mirror, you can see out and nobody else can see in. This tactic is extremely useful for getting the jump on an unsuspecting opponent. Moreover, it's a useful safety measure for if you've gone too aggressive and have to reset a fight. You can build yourself into a corner on purpose to try and bait someone into walking in front of a wall you can quickly edit. This is a cheeky way to net a kill when even at a health deficit.

Editing is also an extremely valuable movement option. If you make a building mistake while rushing at someone, it's quicker and often safer to edit the mistake rather than playing around it. Editing is also a valuable tool in gaining or descending in height mid- or post-fight. Being able to quickly edit walls and staircases is a much faster way to move around a structure you've made as opposed to having to knock down or build around other buildings. Mid-fight this is key, keeping your opponent guessing as to where you're going to attack from is sometimes half the battle in a build off.

Speed: Building with speed comes down to practice. Every time you play the game you should be looking to improve your building little by little. Speed is important; it is in essence the name of the game. If editing separates the good form the great, speed separates the great from the gods. Fast building skills allow you to brute force your way out of situations you have no business living through. Quickly building towers to stay safe from multiple attacking players and having such quick and concise movement that you can rush someone down at any range and angle. This is what "outbuilding" someone means. Moving faster, building faster, thinking faster, and always with purpose- when given an inch you take a mile. 


Of all the attributes that make up an offensive players arsenal, mentality is both the most abstract and the most important. Mentality is a combination of one part coolheadedness and one part laser focus.

Stay Calm: BR games by their very nature are designed to get the blood pumping, because every fight is all or nothing. It's important though, to remember that it's just a game. Don't let unnecessary nerves stop you from making good decisions. Don't let unnecessary nerves cause you to make stupid building mistakes. As moronic as it sounds, sometimes you need to slow down for a second to speed up.

Focus: During a fight, there is so much to focus on. Your building, the enemies building, your movement, their movement, and the everlooming threat of a third party. In order to truly take your offensive play to the next level, building needs to become second nature. The things you should be focusing on in a fight are your enemies building and your movement. Like a river, your building should naturally flow with your movement and like a waterfall your movement should naturally overpower your enemies building. Trying to focus on every individual thing at once and totally disregarding your muscle memory is a plan that is sure to fail. 

This isn't to say that playing defensively is bad or the "wrong way to play". It's just that overwhelming someone with an all-out assault is an indescribable feeling. When everything clicks and you can feel yourself speeding up. When you cleanly kill someone before they even realize what's going on. It is immensely satisfying. Anyone can learn to play this way. Step out of your comfort zone; leave the bush and save your Port-A-Fort for another day.

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